I Guess Some People Don't Change

Yesterday I saw that a former friend of mine announced he was a Christian Missionary and I wanted to see if he really changed I had a falling out with him 4 years ago over trivial things. So I became friends with him on another account I have and everything was okay until he saw my actual account he asked how I knew my actual account and I made up something but then he started to get mean and nasty to the point he blocked me.

If someone is going to be serving God they should be of good moral character and not to be quick to anger since I became Christian things like these don’t make me angry anymore it makes me sad because there is no reason for him to hate me if anything I should because he wronged me in the past. But I forgave him but now I know where I stand with him.


You’ve done your part, that’s all you can do. The rest is on him. Just because he’s a Christian doesn’t mean he’s perfect or free from anger. Maybe he was hurt when he found your other account. He could just be working on his relationship with God. Or he could be a Sunday Christian. I don’t know. If he comes around, that’s great. If he doesn’t, you’ve let him go with love, and however he lives his life, God will settle up with him in the end.


I already did before and after I contacted him I meant the harm when I did contact and our falling out was for something he did to me and it was trivial. I continue to pray for him and hopefully he changes because he’s not well mentally, emotionally and physiologically. If I wasn’t Christian I would have been angry but I wasn’t I felt sorry for him I really do.



The best things you can do is forgive, let it go, and cut ties with him. May the Lord have mercy on him.

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I already have I just wanted to get it off my chest