I guess this is my first progress post haha

I have been trying out more things, I have been finding alot of new things for myself, I became spiritual (with what I shall not share) and its been making me so much more happy, I started to care for myself, a few days back I wouldn’t have drank even half a bottle of water for a day, now thats jumped to three to four bottles a day and I no longer look so dehydrated. I found a group of people to talk to and I feel less alone doing school work. It’s been so much better since I found this thing for me. I feel like my mind is in even more balance than it was before. That’s all I just see a huge difference in myself and I’m happy about it!


Oooh, that’s some very good news. It sounds like you’ve implemented very significant changes and habits in your life lately. Lots of goodness for your body, your mind and your heart. It’s good when it feels like our world is more harmonious, right?

You are totally right to be happy about all of this! Thank you for sharing it. It brings a beautiful spark of light and inspiration here. Keep taking care of yourself, friend. You’re doing great.


That is such good news! Keep it up! I’m really happy for you!

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Yes thank you!! I have been doing great now and been better able to handle my anxiety!!


Thank you!! Really happy with the results of this!

Hey!! Go you ! I am so happy about that:) its amazing! Being spiritual really can make a difference and help a lot. Keep going friend :slight_smile:

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Aw thank you! I’m still religiously athiest but spirituality really helped me so much! But yeah thank you for the response!!

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