I had a great conversation with the local mayor

I’m on a roll I’m continuing meeting with important people and talking with mayors and I’m getting recognition for my work as a civil leader and I attribute my success with knowing how to speak to people on a personal basis and people are open to meeting with me.


Hi my friend,
that is awesome ! keep rollin :purple_heart: you deserve that.
you show heart in what you do, and that deserves to be recognized.
that is inspirational to witness, please keep us updated and keep up your wonderful work.
you are loved, you matter most :purple_heart:
feel hugged


From: djstarion

Ranma, that is AWESOME news! Speaking with important people can be overwhelming so the fact that you’ve continued to master that only adds to your awesomeness! Keep sharing your progress :slight_smile:


From: Who.is

congrats on this huge success! You’ve obviously put in a lot of work and time and it’s paying off!


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Ranma, Thank you for much for posting this, I am so pleased for you my friend, I love that your work and life is moving forward in a happier way. Keep going. We are all so very very proud of you. Much Love Lisa. x

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