I had finally got into a day program

Last week I got into a day program where I got learn DBT/CBT stuff wanted to learn and figure thaw mostly have general anxiety disorder and maybe be alittle borderline disorder. So far I’m going back on meds and try figure which as the best. Howeve, it still a lot to take , I been out of work for now and worry about losing my job. Also , been bummer I have broken finger where I can’t guitar , box , or lift weight. But lucky I’m able to walk and skateboarding alittle but. Hopefully will finally i new beginning for me.


This is excellent news, Metal! It sounds like you’ve taken a great first step toward a new start. I know when I initially got my diagnosis it helped me a lot, just to be able to give my problems a name - hopefully this helped you as well.

I understand how stressful being out of the job is, especially now as things are compounded with Covid. Hopefully your employer is willing to work with you through this situation, as many employers are having to deal with this situation. Not only has Covid forced many out of the job, but there has also been a noticable rise in depression and anxiety in the general population as I’ve come to understand.

I’m so sorry about your finger! It sucks to not be able to do things you enjoy because of an injury. I live boxing but I can’t do it anymore because I screwed up a tendon in my elbow and will eventually need surgery. I’m glad you can still skateboard though, hopefully that will help clear your mind.

I’m very glad you were able to get into this program Metal, do continue to keep us updated.


Yay! That’s so awesome. Really glad you have the possibility to take these steps for your well-being. You’re doing great! And about your work, the stress is understandable. So, one step at a time, friend. What you are doing, taking care of yourself through this program, medications and reaching out is a good choice. I’m looking forwards to some positive effects from all of this, also that everything will be okay for your job.

Also glad you can enjoy skateboarding. It’s the perfect season to practice. :sunglasses:

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