I had hurt my back while skateboarding

I had hurt my back while skateboarding last Saturday, it bummed me out that can’t skateboard right now. I can’t improve my boxing. It get me really depressed, also stressing because summer time is coming and I had left heavy stuff at work. Also I want to be able to skateboard in the summer.

I feel that if I don’t skateboard, I’m a poser and all skater would judge me not to skate. I hate thinking’s like this, i feel like shit all the time because it.

I feel I can’t never improve from my mental health struggle and I always stuck in the same place


Physical injury and pain is very debilitating! It can feel like you say that you’re just posing whether it’s your job or sport you like.
But even professionals get injured and know they have to rest their body. It’s more important to heal your body than risk further injury.

You know you have a love for skating and it does suck when you can’t do the things you love. And I am very sorry for that! Take care of yourself first though

Also if you have the access to a physio they may be able to give you gentle exercises to help the healing and strengthening, but do make sure to check with them first before trying anything on your own


yo metal,

i’m so sorry you got hurt while skateboarding! did you visit an urgent care or doctor to help you evaluate when you’ll be able to safely return to skateboard and practicing your boxing skills? i hope they can help you know a goal end date to your recovery so you have something to look forward to! wishing you a smooth recovery as your back continues to heal, my friend!



Hi there @Metalskater1990,

That’s so tough! Back injuries are no fun, and I know how much you love skateboarding so I hope you’re able to do that again in the near future.

It also sounds like skateboarding is one of your main outlets for your energy and it brings some joy into your life, so it’s understandably difficult when that gets taken away like this.

I hope you make a speedy recovery!
<3 Tuna


Hi Metal,

Im so sorry you have hurt your back, firstly the pain alone is enough to cause a depressed state of mind. Did you get any idea from your Doctor how long the recovery time would be? are you getting any physio to help?
I completely understand how not being able to do the things you enjoy has and is getting you down, its frustrating and upsetting to have the mindset and will to do these things but your body just wont allow it, I have watched my mum in the last couple of years go from a person who could do anything she wanted and go where she wanted to being housebound and walking only with a frame and the affect its had on her mental health is understandably dreadful. Hopefully if you take care of this injury now you will get back to full health very soon and be back on that skateboard before you know it. Take care of yourself my friend. Lisa. x


Hey, thanks for sharing here. First, I want to commend your drive to improve in something! It’s really cool that you care to.
Having an obstacle such as an injury - especially when you care that much - really sucks. Also, feeling like a poser in anything can really mess with one’s health.
Please know that you definitely do not seem like a poser to me. In my opinion, a poser would not still be thinking about skating.
I would like to present that in a relatively recent interview, Tony Hawk talked about stepping back and giving his body the time it needed to heal after falling. If he recognizes it as necessary, then I do not know who could judge you for it.
Are you able to spend any time researching the more technical side of skating? It may help take the edge off.
Rooting for your recovery either way!