I had resplse on saturday night

I have an mental breakdown epsiode on saturday nigth, felt like shit for three days and last on firends and love ones. I hate doing to doing recovery and I feel I want to give up.

I need some word for courage meants, like any skill to battle self harm or anything tha can help out. Please dont say medication, because I have try it and its does not work, I think it made it worst and more impulsive. But any advice would help alot and thank for you guys support.

I’m sorry to hear this. I hope you get back up on your feet because I know relapses are hard. For me, after relapsing, I like to try and surround myself with positive -basically my dog and a couple friends. Sometimes it’s nice to know you have people. Or with my puppy, I like to just sit and play with him, because it’s nice to get out of my head for a while and watch how happy he is. Other than that, I just try to push on and move past. I also journal, and listen to music.

Love :heart: -Ashley

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The person that you are now is stronger and more experienced at fighting addiction than the person that you were when you were last working on becoming clean. This does not mean that it will be easier this time, but it does mean that you are still making progress —even if you cannot feel it right now. You are not back at square one.

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hey there @Metalskater1990
relapse can happen but thats not the end. we have to learn to be better on no to make the mistakes again. When it comes to self harm we always go to that when we feel like we have nothing left . But the truth is we do have something , and thats family,friends, and breath in your lungs.
My advice is to write out how you feel . keep posting on the support wall. Also heartsupport has a book out on amazon called rewrite and its a book about self harm …
Also; in the past ive dealt with self harm and december 12 2019 marks 2 years clean of self harm . So you are not alone. Keep us updated friend.
Hold Fast, You’re Worth It!

  • Ashley
    heres the book to rewrite - Rewrite
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Hang in there. I am in a similar position regarding mental health. We have to learn not to beat ourselves up when we have relapses or make mistakes in life. It’s ok. None of us are perfect. I try to focus on doing simple tasks. I do not feel better just laying in bed all the time, so I get up and try to straighten up. That could be as simple as making my bed and then eat or drink something. Or take a shower. I often go for walks, buy and/or make food and go to the gym. Yesterday, my brother-in-law and I went to see a movie together. Sometimes I just hang out with my cat and read. Depression and anxiety tend to come and go, especially if we take the time to relax. I have practiced tai chi, yoga, pilates, danced, lifted weights and done aerobic workouts just in an effort to keep myself distracted. Same things with movies and music.