I had stopped

From aranya_m: TW: self harm

I really had…but this last week, has been too much.
the problem isn’t that I am cutting again, it’s just this time, it’s reached like a whole new level(?)
my fingers are literally bleeding on to the keyboard as I type, and I don’t even want to lift the blacket off to look at what happened to my thighs
I want to stop
I want to talk
I want to talk of normal things, everyday stuff, which isn’t related to school or family

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From lostgremlin: Heya,

It’s been a few hours, so how are you doing right now? I’m here if you want to talk, seems like this has been a tough time for you recently. School and family can take up so much of our lives that we sometimes forget about the most important part of these things, ourselves. Remember to take care of yourself, whether it looks like treating your wounds, hydrating, or getting some fresh air.

Here for you,

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From aranya_m: I ate a nice lunch today, so that was good! The cuts always take time to heal, sucks but meh, I know it will be fine eventully. I’m doing better know though, mentally.
Hope you’re doing good too.
thank you, I really appreciate your message, it made me feel incredibly better.