I had to deal with two racist incidents yesterday

Yesterday I went through two racist incidents: the first one was when I was dry in and waiting for the light to turn green a bunch of cars where honking but I couldn’t go because there was a lot of traffic when it was safe to go there was a lot of kids crossing the street I had to wait until they left and when I was able to go a lady of this ethnicity that is the majority where I live in started insulting me and making personal insults to my character for no reason the second was when I went to this laundromat the owner was just nasty and mean and rude I had to tell him to stop and this isn’t his home country like the lady who insulted me earlier and I was mad because I have been living in this town for more than 10 years and I’m fed up and tired of the disrespect they show to me and other people that are not of the same ethnicities as they are and they’re immigrants I’m American I’m from here and when thing I don’t tolerate is when a foreigner is racist towards me when I’m a native born citizen.


Hey Ranma, it sounds like yesterday was not a good day for you, being in traffic and knowing you are doing the correct and safe thing whilst people around you that are inconsiderate and want to get everywhere fast and to heck with the consequences are honking horns or saying things can make you feel unsafe and annoyed. This I think happens a lot everywhere and some of the people that behave like it don’t seem to have any understanding of the upset they cause.
I don’t know what happened in the Laundromat but I am sorry that the owner was rude, Its not the way to behave to a customer of course, the way I try to look at those situations is to wonder if maybe the last person that was in there gave them a really hard time or maybe something is happening in their life that is making them very unhappy? of course that is not your fault and you do not deserve to be treated poorly but you can leave and they have lost a customer and that is a huge loss for a business in the long run.
Now saying all of that, I don’t really understand why you feel these are “racist incidents”? could it not be that the people concerned just happened to be different ethnicities, could it just have been as easy to say it was two men so all men are disrespectful to you?
Racism in any form is horrendous and wrong of course and no one wants to be treated poorly because they are not the correct colour or race or religion that others think they should be.
You are right not to tolerate racism, you should also not tolerate people being rude to you or being agressive in any form like road rage however it shouldnt matter who they are, no one has the right to do that, it doesnt matter where they are from. We should all know better. I hope today has been better. xx

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Hi Friend, I’m sorry you had a bad day yesterday and that these people were not nice to you. From your description, it’s hard to see where the racist parts are, so perhaps you can give more context? What was said that made these people racist, if you want to share.

Racism is a horrible thing and I’m so sorry you had to listen to it. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. No one does.


From: ManekiNeko

hey ramna, gosh it’s so frustrating when people take out their frustrations, anxieties or even fear on you. I know that road rage is all to common and the impatience leads people to say things that can be hurtful. Sometimes the best thing is to roll up the windows, blast some music and focus on being aware of your own safety and driving.

I’m not sure what provoked the person in the laundromat to express what they did, and it shouldn’t happen to anyone. Some people really do respond out of perceived fear or maybe they just had a really horrible day and take it out on someone else. I do hope that these incidences don’t make you feel invalid and that they can be something that you’re able to move through this with support


Hi there @ranma1983,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with others being rude to you. It’s so upsetting when people decide to take out their frustrations on others. For instance, I can really empathize with the frustration when drivers behind you honk because they can’t see a pedestrian – that’s never fun!

I hope today feels a bit better and that sharing this helped to get it off your chest. If anything is on your mind in the future, or if people are rude to you, please feel free to share with us.

<3 Tuna