I Had To Intervene

A few days ago one of my Administrators of my movement threaten another Administrator with physical harm it came to my attention and I had to admonish the guy because he crossed a boundary and I cannot risk losing members or losing legitimacy of my group which is a civil rights group. I spoke with my other Directors and one of them told me until he is able to reform himself he cannot hold any position because he will bring it down. I spoke to him in private I told him I’m a nice guy and I’m going to give you one more chance but if you do it again I’m kicking you out of the group, I cannot have people causing trouble and I’ve worked very hard to build this movement from the ground up. I was very upset these past few days over what this idiot did.


Hey, thanks for sharing. It must be very difficult in that situation to have such a difficult decision. If that decision was the one that made the best, most positive, least destructive, outcome(which you point out through the use of the words “I cannot have people causing trouble” meaning you care in a positive manner about what you are doing).sometimes our own emotions can become so strong (they have for me) that our best intentions get caught up in that emotion that while justifiably right, can be a bit on the riding high side. I’ve been there. I’m actually a bit there right now because I’m antsy from trying to quit smoking, so my poor wife is dealing with a snappy husband. I can respect the want for things to work. Maybe give yourself some grace in this and see how the person works from here. I try to give people chances, but sometimes you do have to move on. I am going to keep it on the side of this: when you have a positive, peaceful, and good ideal in mind so many good things happen that in the end one person who can tear you down a bit will only be helping you learn now instead of when you are further along and need to stay in Superman/woman/person mode for months on end over stressful emotions.
Those stressful times are when a therapist or other counsel will help, that’s why a good therapist can be helpful now. They can really help you redirect your mind to thinking through the process now when you’re not having issues instead of later when all hope seems lost. It’s like taking an umbrella with you before it rains instead of running in to the store and you’re already halfway soaked.
I hope you can be encouraged to keep positive, healthy, and continue down the positive roads you are building yourself.
You are loved, you matter, and you are cared for.


Thank You for your kind words. This person has had spats before but nothing like this that’s why I had to intervene.

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Sorry that happen to you. Keep us posted if the situation got better or worse.

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