I hate coming home

Today I had a great day at work. Was screaming songs in my car and was just happy.

Then I get home and my dad is annoyed.

Since my dad got sick I wished that my parents would just get a divorce because at times my dad is so bad.

I hate having to listen to him slam doors and yell and be mad. I hate him threatening to hit our family dog when she doesn’t get out of the way or when she barks.

I absolutely fucking hate it.

It makes me hate myself.

When this happens I hide if I can. I sit and wait for it to be over.

So now I’m sitting in the corner of my room, crying, trying not to self harm.

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I’m so sorry to hear that. Can’t you move out? :frowning: it can be really stressful and you don’t deserve this.

I’ll pray for you, always remember feelings do pass

I can kind of relate as my dad gets upset pretty easily, but he’s still the closest person to me and I love him unconditionally. As we are speaking, in fact, he’s kinda annoying me lol. I was practicing screaming in the car today too.

I’m in his house for the summer till I move to a new apt and finish school, but since i first moved out at 18 I’ve just had less f***s to give and usually ignoring him or just being normal works. Less stressful on me to not get mad back. Hope it’s a possibility for you too. Talking people down is a great technique in general, too. We use it as police officers; they raise their voice, we talk calmly and usually calms them down too.


Oh, Lyss. I’m so sorry. :disappointed:
I love you so much friend and I hate that you always have to be thrown into these maddening situations. I know things have been really rough lately. I’m sending you the biggest hug right now.

I hope the situation passed quickly and you are getting some rest now. As it’s very late.

I’m only a message away. Always.