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I hate dating apps

I feel that im not meant to find a woman. Dating is why to much for me to figure out and Im too ugly for girls. Honeslty, I hate dating in this morden day, it all about putting him on act and trying impress people. I get no luck in the dating apps.

I feel me having a learning disablity and mental health issues no girl would want to deal with me. I must confess I made fuck up mistakes and I wish could have been a better person to women. I meant to be alone. It being a virgin and im going 30 at the end of the year, and living with my parents. I wish have person, that would travel, go to shows and not feel so alone.

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Hey you,

having dated for a long time, speaking with other men on dating apps… it is really tough for both men and women to find the right person. For men even worse because there are probably 1000x more men than women on the apps. You have a huge pool of other men to fight against. That isn’t easy. On the other side you’ve got women who get approached 99% of the time for sex. They get demotivated that dating apps aren’t just a hookup app. Or men who want to take the conversation to whatsapp or something else too quickly.

I am not trying to demotivate you from finding the right person, but with this stuff in mind, you might wanna consider which photo’s you’ve got and what you write in your profile. As a person who was being serious about a dating app for finding someone to love, it’s hard when someone’s profile is empty. What are you supposed to say after you match? “You looked nice i guess?” If someone wrote in their profile already what quirky hobby they have, why not talk and find out what motivates them to it? …
About your ‘disabilities’… they don’t stop you from meeting the right person. I believe in that.

Even for me, as a girl, it was tough finding someone who didn’t want me just for sex. It took me 1 year. And going on and off dating sites, i found my one on it.

Please don’t give up hope. You’re probably an amazing person in a relationship, you just gotta give it some time :slight_smile: