I Hate Everything About Myself

I feel so horrible about myself. Everyday, my 3 brothers insult me. They call me retard because when we argue they are apparently right and I’m always wrong. They’ll let me know that I’m ugly, just for fun. They call me so much more. All I want is for it to stop. It hurts me because I believe them. I’m worthless. I’m stupid. I’m nothing much to look at. I’m unlovable. I know they are right, like always. I barely deserve to live. I’m just a waste of breath and skin. This world has nothing for me. I don’t belong here. There’s not enough love for me on this planet. Should I even keep going at this point?


Hey friend,
I know you’re hurting and we see you. You deserve more from them than insults, but you also deserve more from yourself. Calling yourself names and speaking about yourself as if you have no worth is completely false. Do not speak those lies over yourself. You DO HAVE VALUE, You ARE WORTH LOVE. You are valuable breath, skin, heartbeat, mind, you are a person who absolutely belongs on this earth to be loved and cared for. We love you. You matter. Please stay and continue to let us walk with you and help you in this. Show yourself some grace friend, hard days happen, but you don’t have to stay there and you don’t have to believe the lies. Hold fast.

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You matter and you are loved. Your brothers are being jerks and have no right to belittle or bully you. You are not stupid and you are not a waste of breath. You matter and have a lot to offer. Is there anyone you can talk to about your brothers bullying you like a parent or another relative? I want you to know that you have us and that you can talk to us about anything and everything. Keep hanging in there.

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You are so strong by coming in here and speak up of what is making you suffer, no everyone can do that, so thanks for speaking and not stay silent.

Your brothers are being so mean, but that their problem not yours, you know when someone is okay with themselves they dont bully or try to make someone feel bad themselves…

Dont believe of what your brothers are telling you and what your mind is try to telling you…because it isnt true, you deserve love and you are a amaizing person. In this world there isnt one person that is perfect, but that make us human.

If you start believing and loving yourself I can say that maybe you will start feeling better and the best of all people lies wont hurt you.

Take care :heart: and know that you have us here​:hugs:
Welcome to HeartSupport :heart::hugs:

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