I hate life

I dont wanna be here anymore. I realized i haven’t really been fighting. I just wish i knew how to fight. I dont tho. I need to go inpatient. But that wont happen. I made the mistake saying outpatient to please my parents last year. I just wanna off myself. I only have 1 friend in this stupid small town. Who cant ever hangout. I dont really have friends here. I want someone i can get close to and hangout with. I want a good friend. I hate this small town.


Hey I get it. I don’t really like where I am either and I don’t have many friends. I’ve lost a lot and I never hang out with any of them. But you have been fighting. Getting up everyday and just living is a fight in itself. It’s takes a lot of strength to do that so I’m proud of you. You are strong and you are fighting. Maybe you should talk to your parents and talk to them. I know that it can be hard so take your time with it. But it’s never too late to talk to them. And if you want I could talk to you and be friends. I know it isn’t the same but still. We can talk about whatever and you can vent. I’ll be here for you if you need me.


I am so sorry you are struggling with all of this. Fighting anything is very hard because you struggle and struggle with stuff. Its not easy to continue to fight mental health stuff because it feels so hard to fight your mind it knows you the best so you are not only fighting others but also how your own brain took what others said to you.

So as for the friends I feel you. I have one close friend and I live in a giant huge area. It is hard to find people right now and covid is not helping. I am sorry that you are having to deal with this too. Sometimes for me I had to find other ways to connect to people like through discord and twitch and such. Do you happen to play any games. Thats a good way to make friends.

Either way know that we are here for you and that we care about you. We will support you the way you are.

Hold fast

Hey gain @Fallen_angel - the HeartSupport Houston team responded to your post here. I know we’ve been speaking with you already this week, but we wanted to continue speaking to you.

We may not be able to be physically there for you, but we hope our words and presence encourages you. Lean on our community and Hold Fast friend.

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