I hate lonely Saturday nights

I hate no doing anything on Saturday nights, I hate having no friends, not going anywhere, trap in my parents house, not having anything to do. I hate feeling lonely, having no one to talk too. I just I could end it all. Just commit suicide would be freedom, something to get rid of the pain. I just want it to end.


I can see that you’re feeling a lot of intense emotions right now, and I just want to let you know that even if you feel like you can’t control them, you’ve done a really good job coming here to talk about it. It could have felt easier to just fly off the handle and make an action that would have been regrettable, but you’ve come here instead and opened up about how you’re feeling.
You’re right, you are honest about how you feel and that is commendable. It’s not always easy to admit when you’re feeling out of control or angry. It’s not a wrong thing to feel. Everyone has anger and everyone has to decide how to use or control that anger. Sometimes it’s more intense than others.
But again, you came here to talk about it and that’s something really important.

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From: twixremix

hey metal,

how are you doing today, my friend? i see you were able to share some posts about what’s on your heart and mind which i appreciate you doing and being vulnerable so your community can be there for you. you know we have your back always.

it’s hard to feel stuck and alone. i’m so sorry you’re going through all this, metal. are there local skateparks, pubs with free bands playing you can chill at, or maybe a dog park you can visit during these times? i know i always struggle with finding no cost options to find friends at or just to be around people so those are some ideas that i hope can help. sending you love and comfort through this difficult time, metal. you know you have this whole heartsupport community behind you. we love and care for you.



From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello again :hrtlegolove:

Why do you feel trapped in your parents’ house? Just because you don’t have specific people to spend time with doesn’t mean you cannot go enjoy the world around you. Find something small that might make you happy even for a moment. Have you ever gone to a park and just sat there people watching? Or just watch the animals living their lives? The squirrels preparing for winter? Sometimes doing small activities like that can just allow you to feel some peace without having to be with others. And you never know when someone may come along to sit in silence with you and enjoy watching the world shift with you.

I know you want friends and I know you want to not feel alone but I truly believe that finding peace with yourself is the best step towards finding good friendships. Good luck :hrtlegolove:


Hi there @Metalskater1990,

Loneliness is such a tough emotion to handle. While I can only imagine how hard it is to handle these challenging emotions in the meantime, know that you will be able to build meaningful relationships with time. Your value is not defined by those around you (or the lack thereof).

You’re not alone in this. We’ll always be here for you in the HeartSupport community. We care and are glad that you’ve reached out about this.

<3 Tuna

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Hey Metalskater,

I see you, friend. Though I may not know the exact details of what you are going through, I do know the loneliness and frustration of having nothing to do or people to talk to, while being in a place where I’d like nothing more. The frustration builds. You start feeling powerless against it. It hurts.

Self harm isn’t the answer. You know that. You wouldn’t be here if you believed that. You know you are loved, you have worth, and you matter. That may not relieve the frustration of being lonely. Finding love in yourself, worth in yourself, and knowing that you are good enough, that may help in those steps.

You matter, friend. :hrtlovefist: