I hate my birthday

I’m not looking for pitty…just…celebrating birthdays does nothing but set you up for disappointment…I wish I learned that sooner…my dad didn’t tell me happy birthday…in 30 minutes its not my birthday anymore…wish my dad told me happy birthday… My mom told me happy birthday and I didn’t want to hear it from my mom… My mom is narcissistic and emotionally abusive… Really wanted to hear from my dad… I cried once this morning on my birthday… I have a breakdown tonight because… My own dad decided not to tell me happy birthday… I turned 18 today… I didn’t think I would live to 18… Happy birthday to me…


happy birthday to you!!

I’m glad you’re here with us, glad you’ve reached out!

Did your dad genuinely not know the date, like he forgot? Or is he usually uncomfortable with expressing affection? Parents can be wrapped up in their own world and worries and struggles and sincerely forget things like the date for birthdays, especially if it’s a family that usually has low-key celebrations. It hurts when you’re looking forward to something and it doesn’t happen. Maybe you can ask your dad to spend some time alone today? Go out for some food or something else you two can do to spend some time together? “Hey dad, can we do x or y when you have some free time? For a late birthday treat, I’m really feeling to eat/do/go (thing)!”

Not sure how your or his schedule is, but would it hurt to ask? This would give him a way to still do something (Assuming you guys live close enough).
If not, then maybe have a nice phone or video call where you can ask if for any advice or funny stories he remembers from when he had just turned 18.

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My dad is paying for the hotel room im currently in this week for my birthday and my birthday is the day after his gf:s birthday

hmm maybe he is just awkward about saying things out loud?

Either way, whatever his reason, I’m really sorry that it wasn’t all that you wanted

Happy belated birthday, my friend!

Hang in there, I believe in you :- )

forget about them, do not give importance to people that dont deserve it. :slight_smile: happy 18 bro

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