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I hate my grandmother

My grandmother is mental abuse to my mother. Yes she may be 100 and need helps. But she doesn’t care about my mother needs. She tell my mother that thier children are going to hell for not being Christian. My work everyday and night, but my grandmother refuse to use a lifeline, doesn’t want a care taker.

She blame my mom for not being a perfect care taker and make feel guilty for everything.

She love to cuase drama between my mom and dad. She wanted my mom to leave my dad and tell her that we’re not good people.

My mom can’t even take one week off from this bullshit.

I know I should not being say this shit, but I hate my grandmother, she cuase a lot mental abuse to me and my family. She ruin my parents marriage and she play the victim all the time.

She told my mom she wasn’t even aloud to use tampons cuase it was a sin. If I was gay, she would have cast me out as family.

Overall, she never take care of anyone, never work a job, treat my grandfather like shit, hate gay people, hate Muslim, land she just sucks. She just sucks


hey there @Metalskater1990,
I hear you and I see you. I am sorry you are facing this situation with someone who is related to you.

When it comes to religion no one should force religion onto their children , yeah they are still kids but at the end of the day some people may just not really feel comfortable with religious situations…

I know you do have issues with your grandmother but communication is key to a relationship. But at the end of they day do what is best for you … What ever this comes too we love you for you …

Hope this helps in some way friend , hold fast <3

  • Ashley

It sounds like your grandmother is a mental train wreck. I doubt that she will change. All of those horrible beliefs were programmed into her brain a very long time ago.

Now you and your family have a huge challenge, somehow making her as comfortable as you can, while ignoring her terrible ramblings that have no basis in reality. Actually, she sounds very much like my mom, who had two types of a personality disorder.

Don’t let her hurt you. It does take a special kind of person to care for someone who is like that. Have you ever spent time touring or working in a nursing home? It may give you some insight on how to tolerate her.


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