I hate my life

lately everything is sucks, i hate my life :’)
my family has divorce , my life feels like falling apart
is all begin because economy and i cant do anything about it ,
i need to find a job but im still 15
and im tired of this…
like for real i dont know what to do
i feel so useless and everything hurts me so bad
i miss the good old days , when i have a good family
i know i need to be strong but sometimes i just tired and i just cant handle all of this alone, this is the way too heavy for me…


I’m so sorry that you are going through such a hard time at such a young age.

You are very strong and brave for being there for your family, but don’t feel like you have to be so strong all the time. It’s ok to be tired and hurt and sad. Just don’t let it run your life. Find the joy in things and the have fun in everything you do.

It may seem like a lot right now, but it gets better, I promise. There is so much you will learn from all of this. You will be stronger and wiser because of it.

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