I hate news I hate people

Hi everyone.
I am pissed, mad and unamused. I have been slowly regaining my hope in humanity but well fuck me there are always people who can fucking ruin my day. Ahhh. Honestly this is going to be the angriest post I have ever made and there is going to be swearing so please dont read if you have a problem with that. Now to the reason I am angry.

I hate people. Why? Because they can always find a way how to make a bad situacion worse. I have read the news several times during the past week. And just cant do it anymore. I am mad at so many people right now. It seems like everything is going to shit. The whole fucking world and it is not the natures fault. NO. It is the fault of people. Selfish ignorant entiteled closeminded fucking people. I dont feel like sharing those news that triggered this reaction but almost every article I read is just… bad… you might say that oh… but it is just the news the reality is not that bad… No the reality is much fucking worse. I know a lot of ignorant people. I know there are bad things happening all around the world and It hurts. It just fucking hurts… Why are there so many fucked up people. Sometimes I feel like this is the only place that is worth something. Here on heartsupport. It is strange that a lot of you dont think of yourself highly but I think very highly of you. You are truly one of the best people I have ever met.


a friend once saved a puppy that was dragging himself onto a busy roadway, he was tired and sick and not even looking at the cars. Many baths later, good food, and learning that he loves cats and chickens as friends, he got adopted to go live with his new doggy brothers and sisters.

It doesn’t make the news, but there is good that happens everyday. I’m sorry that the bad news triggers you so badly and make you so mad, would watching a feel-good viral video compilation afterwards help you? Maybe you can compile a playlist of feel-good moments of random acts of kindness to help you when you see something that makes you mad?

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No I am not… I am not going to feel better… I know there are people that do a lot of good but it seems like it is a loosing battle. I am just angry. There is so much more bad happening than good so much more…

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Look at the world. Look at what is happening. Afganistan one big fucking dissaster. North Korea and China two more fucked up states. Africa… dying, illness and genosides. Genosides in Myanmar. Covid is on the rise again and some of the vacciness are no longer working. There is a huge energy crisis and nobody knows how to solve it and than there are those fucked up people in Poland… btw I just fucking hate Poland. The accuse Belaruse that they are not democratic but that shit that they are pulling in their country is sure fucking not democratic. Than I see all the shit that people are dealing with on a daily basis and I just… I am so tired

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it’s great to care about things and people, and it’s wonderful that you wish things could be better for everyone.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we read the news and see the disasters out there.

Can you think about the things in your life that you have more control over, things that you can affect and change more?

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Well… I just took a bath… I think I am going to prepare something to eat… I am no longer mad just sad, resignated and gloomy…

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yes, hope it helps friend!

Glad you’re here with us.

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Than I see all the shit that people are dealing with on a daily basis and I just… I am so tired

I’m so sorry, friend. You have a big heart. You care. You’re still learning how you can be present to the world and protect yourself at the same time. It’s such a difficult balance to find and to keep over time. You are carrying the heaviness of a heart that cares. It’s both a gift and a curse. I’m proud of you for expressing how it feels. Never let the weight of the world crush you. We’re in the belly of the beast. But we are in this together. There is peace to find in the fact that while facing all of this shit, we are holding hands with people who understand and are in the same position. Who can’t help but seeing everything from the outside from time to time, who can’t help but feeling called to be an observer, even just for a minute, because suddenly nothing makes sense really. There is a great mystery in what human beings do and say that will always remain as such.

Heartsupport is a beautiful space, I agree. I am glad to know it. It has restored my faith in humanity at a time when I lost it. I am glad it has the same impact for you. Because I believe there will be a time, when being more at peace with what we cannot control, when we will be able to “export” what we do and know here in our own life, with the people we know and have yet to met, and carry on the simplicity of loving and caring for someone.

To use your words, I think highly of you. You have a unique perception of our world. Yet your love is immeasurable and everlasting, even when it’s express through hurt and pain.

PS - This might be a little bit silly, but I hope it can bring a smile to your face tonight. These are pictures of bees sleeping in a flower. Somefemale honeybees have to do that at night as they’d lack of a nest. They litterally sleep while holding each others legs.

There are examples all around us, all the time, of precious and almost magical events happening. And sometimes, it’s okay if the entire world holds in the vision of bees sleeping in a flower at night. :hrtlegolove:

I love you friend. Make sure to focus on something that soothes you tonight. I hope dinner’s going to be very pleasant. :hrtlegolove:


@Ashwell :hrtlegolove:

Turn the news off because it’s never, ever going to get better. I’m pissed too, very pissed at the state of this world. I seriously don’t watch the news, it’s too depressing and I can’t do a thing about it. It’s BS to believe you can anyway. So many people have gone out to, “save the world” lol It’s just a freaking shit show that I don’t care to be a part of.

I look a google trends to see if there is anything really major going on, but that’s it.

So, yeah turn that shit off.


Hi Micro. Thank you for being there for me.I am still sad and disgusted over what is happening in the world but your words bring me solace. Thank you. I needed to hear those words. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am still feeling like crap. I am tired of the struggle. I am not doing very well today. I just dont see the point… I will try to distract myself lets see how that goes.

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Hi @Ashwell
I am sorry you are feeling so crappy and angry at everyone. I do get it, I feel the same way when I turn the tv so I have to admit I am a bit of an ostrich up to a point. If something has to be dealt with then I will do my best but on a day to day basis, I don’t watch the news or read any thing about what is going on because I cant handle nonsense, hatred and pretty much any way that other humans behave or treat each other. This place is the only place that I seem to find any sense of kindness so like you, I am so grateful to have you all in my life. Its so ironic that its us who have low self esteem and find it so hard to fit in.
You are a lovely person, you have been so kind to me, I know I don’t know you very well yet but I hope in time I will.
I really don’t like the thought of you feeling so bad and wish that I has some bright idea to change your train of thought but really I just wanted to let you know that I care and I hope that if you can maybe focus on something lighter tonight I hope that you will feel even a little better.
Much love as always
Lisa :heart:

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Thank you lisa.
Thank you for your kind words. I am feeling a bit better now :slightly_smiling_face:. I chatted with @Micro a bit and it has helped me. I looked at some things and was reminded of the good things in the world. I still think there is more bad than good in the world but places like this and people like you @Lisaw1973 @Micro @Sita and @Systemofconfusion give me hope and the will I need to go on. :slightly_smiling_face:


so glad to hear this! we’re always here to remind you :hrtlegolove:


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