I hate technology

Tonight I try to help my dad to upload ticket to pats game, but the app fucking sucks. I can’t even help my own parents about stupid shut like this.

I just bring brutally honestly, but I hate that woke people think they are better than me and my family. They I’m stupid cause I can’t use help apps or technology, with their stupid passwords and fucking extra shit that should be simple. But I’m fucking moron, that everyone look down on, fuck me.

I miss the day you just can print out a fucking ticket or you go to a fucking beach without using a fucking app. Fuck technology and fucking asshole that are involved in it.

It just fuck even little shit has be more complicated, I’m fucking hate technology, this country fuck about people that are morons like me, they down on me like peice of shit.

I hope that T2 happen, so the world can fucking end.


You’re not alone, and it is a mistake to make it necessary to conduct so much business through electronic media. I have people around me who feel the same way you do, including my wife. She refuses to have anything but a flip phone, and she has a hard time with computers. Sometimes she sends me empty emails, or asks me to print a missing attachment.

To make matters worse, many of the apps are poorly designed, which gives the user the impression they aren’t smart enough to figure it out, when it’s the designers who aren’t smart enough to make the apps useable, at least if you’re not a technophile who can work around the errors.

I traveled recently, and had the boarding passes sent to my phone. It turned out that it was impossible to get boarding passes for both directions, unless the app was uninstalled after reaching my destination, so I could reinstall it for the return trip passes.

I just sent a phone back because it developed a “circular error,” which essentially means, the software argues with itself, and uses up all the processing power and either crashes or overheats and blows up. To make matters worse, it was the phone I was traveling with when it started acting up.

I think in a few more years, apps will become more intuitive, and they’ll be more reliable for non-technical folks. Interface with phones and computers will be done by talking to them. That function will be kinda shitty to begin with, like self-driving cars sometimes crash, but it’ll get better.

Do you have a “go to” person who can help you with apps? I’m that person for a few folks, and they have no intention to learn how to work with apps themselves.

Are people really looking down on you, or does it just feel that way? Maybe someone is looking down on you, but that’s evidence that they’re immature and deserve to be looked down upon themselves. The only people who deserve to be looked down upon are those who look down upon others. Those who do that are trying to hide their own insecurity.

There’s a saying, “whatever others think of me is none of my business.” Indeed, we want to be well thought of, but the message of that saying is that we don’t need other people’s approval, nor do we have to be affected by their criticism.

Things are getting more complicated, but consider that your hatred of technology is making harder for you to cope with it or learn about it. Learn about it in very small steps. Don’t pressure yourself, or feel pressured by what others might think. If you take your time and keep your cool, you’ll find it easier to learn and remember.

Of all the reasons for the world to end, where would you rank shitty apps?

I hope by now, things are okay with you. Take care, Wings


It can be hard keeping up. Everything is so fast paced and changing every day. And then you have overload on some apps. They crash or everyone’s on there trying to do the same thing at the same time and it puts too much on the servers ect.

You’re definitely not alone. They put so many things on phones in the last couple of years it’s been frustrating for a lot of people. People who left their phones at home suddenly have to bring them everywhere to sign in to this or check that. Hell even cafes and restaurants sometimes have the menu through a QR code you have to scan on your phone.

Sometimes it’s good to just disconnect for a bit and take time to be in the world without the distraction.

I sssure you that you aren’t a moron or stupid for not understanding different apps or technology. I know a lot of people who have trouble including myself. Sometimes searching up help online (ironically) can help find people who’ve had similar problems and how they were able to fix them.

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Man, I feel your frustration. I love technology for the connections it can create with people, and for the endless possibilities it offers if used for good. But oh my goodness what a nightmare when it’s about daily tasks, applications, endless verifications processes and whatnot! I get very easily annoyed and impatient at technology when it makes things more complicated than it should. Probably part of why I hate paperwork - even more now with all the modern tools that are supposed to make things easier… Yeah, on theory! Practically, it’s often another story.

You’re not stupid at all for struggling with this. Actually I believe this struggle and frustration is shared by more people than we imagine. Things making our life complex is a pain. Simplicity is really missed sometimes. I feel for you, friend.

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I want to get a flip phone to distance myself from the internet, but it’s getting nearly impossible to function without a smartphone. The latest thing is concerts only accepting digital tickets–no printed ones. I’m not going to miss out on concerts just because I want to reject smartphones. That’s just one more example of a world that’s leaving paper behind and making smartphones essential to function in society. They used to be just really cool phones, with apps like the lighter and the beer glass that would make your friends laugh :laughing: They’re not nearly as much fun when they’re required to get through business interactions. It’s frustrating, sad, and a little scary.