I hate that I have no energy cw politics

I hate how little energy I have and how draining politics is I know I need to vote but Its not like I got choices both my options suck and I have issues getting down to the polls to vote cuz I’m so just DRAINED I hate it I hate that I have to try and being engaged in the system that dosent help me and there’s not a snow balls chance in hell that my vote will get anything done cuz I live in a red state I can only be politically active by existing and resisting but often I feel like I’m shouting down a storm drain and it never gets anywhere


Yeah me too. I don’t have any faith in the government and there’s nobody running for office who represents me and my values. The american polical system is designed to absorb and neutralise change. The only change that happens comes from organizing outside the system. If you feel hopeless to make a positive difference in the world like I do, I would recommend a new history book that came out called “Fight Like Hell” by Kim Kelly. It shows how organizing at work makes people politically powerful and improves their quality of life.

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Yeah sadly as a disabled person I don’t have a work place

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I live in a red state, and our governor is a freaking moron. I still vote. It matters, even if our candidate loses. The number of votes on the losing side can still affect the winner’s behavior. Besides, I don’t want to be telling people that I didn’t bother voting, because by doing so, it discourages others from voting as well. If others are encouraged by my decision to vote, I am contributing more than just the influence of a single vote.

I am disheartened by our current political environment, but regardless of what happens, I will not give up.

I see, in that case then there are ways for you to build power outside of the political system and the workplace. I’m learning about this thing called “mutual aid” networks and I’m not super clear on how to set them up but it basically involves sharing stuff (food, money, resources) with each other. Just as an example.

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Hey Derpplup

From my point of view as a Brit, I gave up voting a number of years ago.
Someone has to run the country I agree, but when you go to vote, you are meant to vote for the canditate that you believe has the counties best interests at heart and will do a good job. There is not one person that I belive has either of those attributes so in my opinion there is no one to vote for. Its sad but true. Maybe if everyone voted no confidence finally something would change, but I do not know enough about it to say if that would every happen. x

Hi Friend,
i vote but thats all. have no interest or the energy to know something about politics. in front of every voting
i inform myself a bit but partys with human rights, animal rescue or nature savings usually gets my.
in most ways you really don’t see a change in the country. to run a country, a whole land is something that i imagine as extremely hard, i would not do something like that.
the only thing that makes me sad is to see how the “right” political party, with racist stuff has grown over
the last years here, in my eyes its stupid to give them votes, or who votes for them. but that is my own
point of view. that will never get my vote.
i naively still believe in mankind change to the better.
Feel hugged good people out there and you, thank you

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