I hate that I'm doing this

I recently have been nearly reallying on a single friend for help with my dwendling mental state and they called me out on it tonight and rightfully so I feel bad doing it but I feel like I have no one else to turn too I see a therapist every other week I’m running out of money to see them and I don’t have other friends and I don’t wanna damage this one friend ship more then I have the forums are helpful but I’d be spamming them constantly if its all I had and the talk it out section on the discord is too public for me at times like I need people to give feed back but I just don’t know where to get it group therapy is out of the question cuz it’s too many people and I don’t wanna hog the group I can’t afford therapy every week I just wanna either make everyone hate me and cut me out of their lives or shut everyone out…


Sometimes we need a lot more support that a single nonprofessional friend can give. I don’t think you have to worry about spamming this forum. After all, I don’t think you’re here to sell extended auto warranties. Some people come here for support on a regular basis, and I have not seen it become a problem.

A person who is in need of help offers a gift of fulfillment to the person who can fill that need. In other words, needing help and providing help is a fair and equal exchange. Therefore, don’t feel bad about needing support, or needing it frequently. Keep in mind, even those who care for you very much may not have the skill or emotional stamina to provide help on an ongoing basis.

In many communities, you can dial 211, and talk to someone who might be able to help you obtain support.

Making everyone hate you won’t work, because you won’t be able to make it happen. People often take being shut out as a personal rejection, and I doubt that you want to hurt people that way. Therefore, it looks as though you are stuck continuing to be the decent person that you are.

Coming to a group to share feelings is an expression of trust, that honors the group, and motivates them to be worthy of the trust.

In one way or another, were all in this together. You don’t need to isolate yourself.

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hi @Derpplup ,

everyone on this forum is here for you and we’ll support you through anything. please never hesitate to post what you’re feeling if you ever need an outlet.

you have an amazing friend to be your shoulder to lean on which is a gift like no other. whenever i have heavy topics/traumas to tell my friends about, i always ask for consent. for example, i always lead it with “would it be okay for me to talk to you about __? it might get heavy and there’s a lot for me to vent about but totally understand if you want to keep things light today.” giving your friend an opportunity to say whether they’re comfortable with talking through things will create a stronger foundation for your friendship!

also want to say that the advice @Wings shared is incredibly spot-on and well-articulated. i hope you can continue to use this forum as much as you want because this tool is here for everyone to use!

sending you a ton of comforting wishes and love. if you need anything, please reach out, i got your back!


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Hi Derpplup, first off i want to acknowledge that you are sharing with us and that is meaningful. It sounds like you’re in a tight spot as in there is no one to talk to about this dwindling mental state. I recall a time when I was in a similar position. It was recent too - I had started reaching out to everyone I knew and all the crisis line and the distress center, my psychiatry team, but no one could really ‘help’ me. I felt hopeless and frustrated. each of these resources had let me down in significant ways. I was in serious need and serious pain. Luckily for me, my mental state did improve and I am not stable but more stable than before. Have you ever looked into peer support? I know my city has a warm line. Maybe there is a warm line you can call just to have a conversation and be able to have an outlet for your thoughts. It sounds too in regards to make everyone hate me and cut me out or shut everyone out, that sounds like a really hard place to be. Sending you warmth and love <3


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