I hate this so much im all alone

I feel like I’m being watched. Someone is coming after me. I keep hearing sounds throughout the house when I’m alone yet I still don’t want to leave with my sisters and mom for no real reason except I don’t like going there every weekend. My whole body aches from hardly leaving the bed. Why does this only happen at night? I hear them outside. I see them for only a second at a time. Sometimes showing up as color smears and I can’t take it. Just fucking kill me already!! Or rob the house! I can’t take the suspense, I can’t even move. I’m too scared to look under the bed or get out of my room and I hate it so fucking much. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH


Hey @Dominion,

Try to take some deep breaths. I’m sorry you’re scared right now. Do you want to talk about the sounds you hear and the people you mentioned? How do they look like?

As you said you feel like you’re being watched, then it seems that you’re out of danger and somehow you know it. You’re at home, you’re safe. Try to ground yourself, to focus on your sensations. Maybe try to play a game on your phone or anything safe that could help you to focus, to clear your mind a little.

You’re gonna be okay. :heart:

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It really only happens when my sisters and mom leave at night. Like always have the fear lingering but smaller if I’m with my cat or at school. Thank you for replying though.

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Hi friend. I’m sorry you are struggling with this fear right now. I think it’s important to just make sure your doors are locked, close your windows at night. Like Micro said, take some deep breaths and remember, if you truly feel you may be in danger, call the police, have them check the area.
Otherwise, close your blinds, lock your doors, turn on some good music, maybe a movie and try to relax your mind and remind yourself that you are okay. Sometimes our minds can get the best of us and really psych us out. For me, sometimes a bath or a hot shower helps me calm my mind.

Like Mirco mentioned, try to ground yourself and focus. There are lots of meditation videos on youtube. There is an app called HeadSpace. There is also a website called Rainymood. All great resources to turn to, to help your brain recenter.

Join the heart support discord and connect with the community when you are feeling afraid <3

Much love friend

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