I hate when people talk crap about my friend

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I need to get off my chest, but I hate fucking when my family and guys friend talk shit about my ex friend. I did have more than friend feelings, that why we broke off. But guys and my brother in law, would tell me that she use me and never care about me. Honestly, that shit pissed me off, it never help me to move on.

I know she not perfect, but she had a boyfriend and yes I may not agree with her on everything. But I had great time skateboarding with her, getting food and just talking to her in general. She made my last summer a lot of fun and I don’t regret driving an hour to see her. I do really love her and yes she did hurt me leaving me. But she did a lot for me, just being my skate friend. She told a lot go stuff about me and she always believed in me. She told that I should love myself and just be myself a


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