I have a.......challenge

I’ve been going through some stuff recently and I’ve talked to people about it and stuff but the one thing I really want is a hug. I believe a simple hug from anyone could change anyone’s day and maybe make the world a little happier. So I “challenge” everyone who reads this to hug at least one person a day whether that be a parent, grandparent, spouse, friend, or just someone who looks like they need a hug. I think hugs could help change the world so yeah hug away:grin::grin::grin::metal:


Sending virtual hugs.


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I needed this today. Thanks!


I totally agree with you!

No problem :grin: :metal:

I can speak from experience (both giving and receiving comforting hugs) that this works.

(>^.^)> Sending hugs!

A compliment helps too. Men, in particular, rarely get them or hugs and I am convinced this is a contributory factor to many more men committing suicide than women

Hey you!
You deserve a hug for writing that! :smiley:


(and yes, I already did :P)

thank you so much i actually kinda needed that :smiley:

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