From joud: i have alot of problems with everyone around me and i cant talk to anyone i know about it cause everyone i know is a problem.
i want someone to get words out of my mouth i want to rant i want to feel something other than being a burden in everybodys life.


From Muffin2029+Megan=<3: Hello, I see youre having a problem with expressing yourself freely in front of others. You can vent here. We can help you. Im a newbie here, but I can help. If required I can get more experienced staff. Just know that you matter and you arent a burden.

From joud: i dont want to express myself infront of anyone

From joud: i just want==============

From joud: one person===============

From Rohini_868: would you consider getting a new therapist who could be the one to listen to you? I know you haven’t had the best time with them, but they can be a good place to dump some of your thoughts. We are here to lsiten to you. Would writing a letter be helpful to express yourself? Even if you don’t show anyone, it can be good to get the feelings out on paper

From joud: noo i just want someone to talk to

From joud: not a therapisr==========

From joud: a normal human being=====

From ManekiNeko: What can we do for you here, joud? You’re always welcome to share what’s on your mind and heart. There’s always someone to listen and respond. Maybe we aren’t understanding how to make that easier for you, so if there is ever anything we can do to help, just know you can always share.

From Luvforjada: We’re all here for you. You can talk to us.

From joud: no someone please understand me

From joud: no someone please understand me

From joud: i want someone===========

From joud: i want someone===========

From joud: to text me===============

From joud: i cant do this in public=

From joud: and i cant text first====

From joud: i feel like im heavy you know?

From joud: and i cant text first====