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I have been thinking about this


Hello. How you doing? So, I have been thinking about I want to move out my parents’ house. I want to look for a small place. Probably that cost less than an average apartment in Southern California. Apartments around here are around $1,500 or more. I have been looking online, some of what I found are promising. Some are not because they don’t allow pets. I have 2 cats, I want them to be with me, and I don’t want to be by myself. I watched YouTube videos by GoDownsize and Tiny House Giant Journey, I got inspired by the minimalistic lifestyle, how to manage my money, and how I can use it to enjoy. I want to travel, have fun, spend time with my loved ones, glorify Jesus, but I am still not sure of how it is going to turn out. I need to be a full-time employee to earn more money. Anything you guys want to share? God Willing you are having a great week, and thank you for reading this. Much Love.


I highly recommend looking into getting a roommate to split expenses. It will be stressful, living with another person, but it will be easier on your wallet and less financially stressful. I use an excel spreadsheet to track income and Bill’s. It helps me manage my finances and be realistic with my spending habits. Doesn’t always work but it does reduce the stress significantly



Sounds like you’ve got a great vision bro…you have a clear idea of where you’re headed and what you want, and that’s awesome!! Seems like making the right amount of money to make whatever move you want to make is a great step one. What would it take for you to become a full-time employee?




Thank you for replying. I am not looking for a roommate because I am not interested. However, I will never know if my plans change.


Your question is unchallenging, and I will not answer. Haha! I’m playing with you. I work at a postal company. I am a morning sorter, and the job I have pays decently. The company has a team that are full time. They handle a boxes of papers, and sort them. Those boxes weight a ton. 5,000 papers in one box. They earn way more than I do. I am thinking about joining their team in the New Year. But for now, I am enjoying my free time.


Yeah I’m thinking about moving out but there is always that thought where do I go? Just keep looking and you will find the opportunity to leave


Starting that team in the new year sounds like a great action step man!!