I have everything to ask for. But I'm not happy

First time posting.
I have a 2 year year old son. As well as a job that I enjoy. But I never seem happy, Or feel happy. I don’t understand why.

I felt the same way all the time. I had to go to a therapist and figure it out. There has to be something? Something isn’t right or you would be happy at least sometimes. I have anxiety and depression and I’m holding alot in from my past. That’s what it was for me. I have everything I want. I have 2 kids a great job and a huge house. I also have a good girlfriend who supports me. But some days I ain’t happy so I can understand you completely. I’ll help!!! Let’s talk I’m here

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Hey friend. Welcome <3
Thanks for posting. Feeling low doesn’t always have to have a reason, and we don’t always understand it, but there are things we can do to help us to gain a little more understanding around it…
HeartSupport published a workbook around depression/acedia. I think it could be very helpful for you!

https://blog.heartsupport.com/you-might-not-actually-be-struggling-with-depression-8ce57ab41f66?gi=37acdffa058f < this is a blog that Ben Sledge, Executive Director of HeartSupport wrote - maybe this could be a good read for you too.
You’re going to be fine, it’s just taking steps to understand it. <3

Hold Fast

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I also have anxiety, depression and am a addict. I’m sure my past isn’t helping me as well. My girlfriend cleans cooks and takes care of our kid. But I’m not sure if she understands my depression. She used to go to the therapist with me. Now says its a waste of time.

For me the best thing was getting help. When I went to the therapist and got meds for my depression I had 8 months that I was happy everyday. The new beginning really did it for me. I just need to learn the past is the past and I can’t change it and so do you. If I was you I would try to go to a treatment center and get help unless you can pick yourself back up by yourself. Do it for yourself and for your child. They watch your every move. Also you will feel brand new. Clean the slate and start over with a new you. You only have one life don’t waist it. Keep your mind busy from addiction. I clean listen to music and drink coffee to keep myself from drugs. I have a car I mess with also to keep my mind distracted. I’m here for you whenever!!! Your not alone. I felt like my life was amazing yesterday now I wanna sleep all day. But I ain’t gonna do it. I’ve been on the move all day doing shit with the kids and stuff.

Hi, Norris!

Nice to meet you! I’m glad that you decided to join us.

It’s normal even for the happiest people to feel down or depressed sometimes. And it’s normal for those who have a lot of good going for them to feel down sometimes too. I have a lot of those moments myself.

What kinds of things do you enjoy? Do you get a chance to set some time aside for you to do and work on things that make you feel happy and that you may be passionate about? What makes you happy?

It’s awesome that you have a job that you enjoy! That’s really great. I know that isn’t always the case for people. Can I ask what you do?

I hope that things get feeling better for you friend. There is a lot of people here who are also hurting and struggling that can relate, so you are not alone. We are here to offer support and encouragement. I hope you can feel safe here in sharing what you are going through. <3