I have finally found peace

I wanted to start off i had a hiccup i wanted to celebrate 4/20 one last time but other than that i have decided to change my ways and seek God through the bible, this life my friends was the hardest battle ever fought, harder than the american revolution. But spiritual warfare, and wrong decisions.

However i found a new group of believers, a new church, a new people. Strongly urged to always read and people being involved of my life, i ditched workibg at ups and not i sort iphones its stress free honestly but i still work hard.

Man i look back at the past, and just honestly theres no more sorrow, because today this is where i want to be my friends. And honestly the peace and the freedom and the love ive finally found was through Jesus Christ knowing about, praying and asking for forgiveness was the first start of my journey, and i asked him to help me find a church and talked to a friend i made at ups the old job.

Ive felt like solomon in the bible in the sense of though trying to seek my own peace, in my story my friends i wanted to die i was on the verge of taking my life because i felt like nothing, no love, rejection from the people that only gave a damn about me. It hurt so bad that wound was so deep. Thats when i had lived with a pastor and his family for 3 years, and fell away and hung with old friends wrong people, depression came and it started with weed, then to experimenting drugs

Do not feel bad for me but have peace through my story. My relationships failed, the love of money, putting my heart on my sleeve because i wanted to fall in love, also failed. I sought after more things just to feel something to feel some type of way. And they have failed…

To find your own happiness through this world is quite meaningless… however there is still hope for us all and its through Acknowledging Jesus Christ what he died for us so that he gave us life, he died on the cross so that we may have life through him. And he raised from the dead conquering sin and death. He is lord, He is God, he is our future, hes life, the way to all things that are good, he is truth and through him we will find life.


Wow it sounds like you had a huge breakthrough! Congratulations!

It’s amazing, when we finally wake up, how trivial all the worldly stuff seems. Don’t get me wrong, I still like nice watches and sports cars and making money, but that’s not what it’s all about. I used to think Job was a garbage story, a story about a guy who lost everything for no good reason, but as I began my spiritual recovery I realized that the message of Job was more than that. As long as he was alive, God was providing. He lost his livelihood, his possessions, his home, and even his family, which sounds unendurable; but he continued to thank God for what he did have, which was air in his lungs and praise on his lips. It doesn’t mention that he probably had a hell of a time having his worldly things taken from him, but worldly things are temporary.

This is just a suggestion, do what you want with it, but I worked the 12 steps last year and it ignited my faith like I’ve never known before. You don’t have to go through AA to do it. there’s a program called Celebrate Recovery that’s a bring-your-own-issues 12 step program. The premise is that there are no problems that go beyond what Christ died for, if you just seek His forgiveness. It’s about taking ownership of your brokenness, handing it over to Christ once you’ve truly embraced it, and then righting the wrongs of your past. You’re writing like someone who’s already gone through 3 months of the program, which is what brought it to my mind.

In any case, it’s so great to hear about your spiritual awakening! I hope it continues to go well and grow!

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