I have give up something my passion

I have ankle injury, it been a mouth and it has not heal. I do two job that always on my feet. It been really sown and it hasn’t gone down.

I’m stressing that I never going to skateboard again. I have been doing for 16 years and from constant ankle strains and my anxiety, it has not been the same. When I got to skate I always had to worry about get hurt. It gotten to point, where not as fun.

But still the urge to skate and I keep watching skate video and missing it so bad. Even thou I never felt part of the skate community, I still love doing it. I hate when people say why don’t you do something else like swimming or baseball.

My co worker keep saying you too old to be doing that or treat me like I’m person that never graduated from high school.

I do have my passion for music thank god and I do draw a bit. However, I feel I’m a skater and I even got a sk8 tattoo. I thought I would be skateboarding till at 50. Now I guess I turn into a poser.

It matter because I don’t who I am, I know it always be a constant question. I don’t want to give it up and be look as another fake.

I miss skateboarding!

Giving something up like that is never easy. Plus you never know. Your ankle might heal to where you can again. Just focus on healing and getting better. The faster you can do that the faster you can get back to doing what you love!

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Hey @Metalskater1990,

Your co-worker made a judgment for no reason. There is no limited age to live a passion. If a man wants to dance, if a 90-year-old wants to become the king of marathon, if a woman wants to be a firefighter, who has the right to forbid or even to judge them? No one. Period.

I’m sorry for your injury. As @Enkou666 said, focus on healing and getting better for the moment. It’s normal to be afraid of injuries because it’s a deep passion for you. And I must say that it’s really inspiring to see you being so passionate about skateboarding. It’s part of who you are!

Also, I wanted to emphasize that watching videos as you do is part of learning. The practice is important, but with looking at these videos you’re still learning something, you observe what happens, the subtlety of the figures, the sensitive points, you visualize yourself doing this and what could happen.That’s also important. :wink:

Take care. :two_hearts: