I have it all and I have nothing

Panic attacks every day sadness depression suicidal thoughts and crying. I have the american dream but feel I have nothing. I’m embarrassed to seek help I work in the medical field and feel they write me off as a lunatic. This health system sucks for people with mental health and addiction problems.


hello there,

Thank you for trusting us here to open up and share your feelings. I am truly sorry that it has been so difficult for you to be able to open about how you’re really doing. This has been a rough tie for those in your field, hasn’t it? We’re here to listen to you, to love and support you as best as we can. Having everything on the outside is not a guarantee that all our emotions and brain chemicals will remain perfectly balanced. While I will say it’s not embarrassing to seek out mental health support, I also come from a place where it is very misunderstood as well.

Please do feel free to unburden yourself here, and maybe we can help you in some ways to make it all a bit more bearable. Glad you’re here with us, and looking forward to interacting with you more!

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It really is inadequate. The American dream should relate more to a person’s happiness and well-being, than material or financial status. I was in the medical field for a long time. I made decent money, but there were times when the stress just about did me in. The effects of stress can be insidious, kind of sneaking up on you. You might not even know how stressed you are or how it’s affecting you until it’s overwhelming. As a medical provider, you are not allowed to be overwhelmed, as lives are depending on you. So, if you are like me, you forced yourself to keep it together, until you were away from work, then let yourself melt down.

Needing help is nothing to be embarrassed about. With HIPPA regulations, confidentiality is mandatory, so you can talk to a doctor or therapist without worrying that the wrong people will find out about it. Violating confidentiality is a career ending offense.

Please seek help. You have earned the right to receive it.

It takes courage to reach out as you have. I admire that. Please check back in with us, and let us know how you’re doing.


They pretend to care about well being and offer surveys as a resource. I feel I’m at the breaking point but put on a happy face daily to make the world go round but underneath I’m Robin Williams. :disappointed_relieved:

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Hi Friend,
Welcome to Heartsupport, I’m Lisa, I am so sorry you are in such a bad place.
Being in a wonderful community like this you quickly learn that it really doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what you have, there is nothing to feel embarrassed about if you feel incredibly sad or have those panic attacks or indeed if you work in a field where its seen as something other than what it is, which is very disappointing by the way and totally wrong. I hope you know that you are not a lunatic and you are a valid, wonderful human being who is going through a very difficult time and is just looking for some love and support?? This is where I say Welcome to HeartSupport again because you have found that here friend.
I too have panic attacks (a lot less frequently these days thankfully) but I am aware of just how dreadful and frightening they are. Do you practice any mindfulness Techniques? it took a while for me to get used to that but it does help.
Please feel free to post any time you wish, we also have a discord channel and are live on Twitch if you want to catch some of us in chat to talk live sometimes, we are a great community of people that just want to help. Ill post the links at the end if you want to check them out.
Take care Friend
Much Love Lisa :heart:


I’ve been there repeatedly throughout my life. I wish Robin Williams knew about Heart Support. Smiling through despair magnifies feelings of isolation, yet we are here and want to embrace your heart. Please stay with us. You have cared for others, now it’s your turn to receive care.


sneaks in You all know that Robin Williams’ suicide was the result of paranoia caused by Lewy Body Dementia? He didn’t do it because he wanted to, he did it in a moment of madness. I just found that out watching a documentary on him a couple weeks ago. It actually made me feel relief because that was very confusing to me. He didn’t leave a note.

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Wow! I didn’t know that either. I still think he’d have been helped if he had an opportunity to connect with the kind of support available here. People are often reachable, even if they’re having such symptoms.

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