I have lost myself

Hello all,
I’m 26. I was very bright student when I was a kid. I used to be a good learner as compare to all my friends. I was so happy.
But as the time passed and when I look backs to those my friends I feel very little hearted as compared to them. They are all settle in their lives. Doing well. Earning well. Having a good life. Some are really successfull in thier business while some are doing quite good in their jobs.
I’m totally lost. I don’t even feel to call them because of these things.
I’m struggling with my job. Sometimes I think it might be due to my previous relationship but when I deeply thought that it might have a connection with this situation of mine cause she is happily married now.
The people around me thinks that I’m always in angry mood. Sometimes i feel it too because I get irritated even on small things.
I’m living with my friends not the previous one but these my roommates we are living all together since 1 year. But i still feel uncomfortable with them.
I don’t know whats happening to me but honestly I’m loosing my confidence now. I’m feeling totally alone.


I resonate with some of the things you mentioned in your statement here. Thanks for sharing! If I may ask, when you say you feel “little hearted” compared to your friends, what do you truly mean by this? To me it seems like you see these friends as being successful, comfortable, and doing well. And perhaps you are comparing where you are at in your life and where they are? If this is making you feel like you are not as good as them, or you think that you are not on the right path, trust me you are not alone. I struggled with this immensely over the past year. I have friends that are finished college, moving on to a good life, are married or have kids, and are living well. A part of me envies these things, and I used to let it drag me down into a pit of self-pity and introversion.

However, do not let their lives define your life! You are on your own path in life, and there is so much value in that. God made a life for you that is meant to be unique, it is meant to be your own journey. There is nothing you need to prove to anyone, including yourself. Instead of thinking of success as how much you have or have not accomplished, think of it as how much you have to value. I’m sure there are many things in your life that you have gained and have come to cherish and value, and that is what makes life beautiful!

All in all, in regards to how you view yourself in comparison to your friends, have heart in knowing that you are on your own journey. There is beauty that God has put in your life that only you have the capacity to truly know, and He can help you see those things even when you can’t. Be confident in knowing that you are right where God intended you to be, right now, in this moment. I know this is easier said than done, but your life is unique and is like no one else’s. I hope this helps you frie

hey there,

I can relate to this very strongly. A good thing to know and note to yourself daily is that you are not them, and they are not you. You also see only what they want you to see. They could be struggling just as you are, and you’d never know.

I refer to this as grass is greener syndrome when I feel myself comparing a lot. Practice watering your own personal garden rather than comparing your garden to others.

If you’re feeling angry a lot, which I do as well, practice taking a step back and a deep breath before reacting to situations. It may sound silly at first, but it helps me a ton.

Here for you