I have no friends that support me

I feel like I don’t matter sometimes. its been a year since I’ve been getting support from the support wall. I don’t really feel loved at least by my friends. I haven’t been more distant than ever with my friends. The friends who have supported me in HS don’t really support me anymore. I really feel like I have no one to talk to especially now since of the healthy social distancing going on. its just idk, we never been on the best of terms since I’ve been back after treatment.


Hey friend, I’m sorry that you are feeling alone right now. That’s hard. Has it been a year since you hung out in the community? You should come hang out in the live streams with us. Whether in HeartSupport, DanMakesHisMark or CaseyScreamsBack. You are always welcome to be a part of the chat. To hang and participate. Have you been in the discord? You should come chat with us <3 Now is a great time since we are all quarantined.

We’re a community and you can be a part of that! Absolutely.

I’m sorry that you and your friends aren’t on the best of terms. Why do you feel that is? Was it that your health just didn’t leave you with enough energy to be social? Or was it something else?

Hey, were here and willing to listen okay? You deserve to be heard. Your feelings matter. What you are going through matters <3

Are you still in the Heart Support discord? I’ll leave the link just in case:

<3 You are loved <3

Hi buddy, I was going to tell you that you are loved and assure that you matter and all that protocol stuff.
But instead I am gonna go to where you are energetically because I too feel like that many times and it’s hard specially because sometimes I turn angry and bitter to myself and the world because of this pain of not being acknowledged by others.
Thing is… is completely normal to want reassurance, to want to feel love, to know you are fucking here in this world and to people to see you for all you greatness.
But sometimes you gotta take a step into yourself and do the things necessary for you to be ok in the world, when you acknowledge yourself and your needs and start doing what’s best for you whatever that is because you know better than anyone then you are loving yourself, and this will bring people around you inspired by your bravery. Buddy I don’t know you but I know how you feel, to me works when I just forget about getting love and doing things to “buy love” and I set what’s right for me and fuck I push myself towards it, with no one to witness but me, and that’s enough for me, because then I know my value and I dont have to be dependant on others thoughts about me and furthermore I am in a better place to enjoy life. But boy, is a nonstop constant uphill push. And you are strong enough to make it. YOU CAN DO IT.

Hello my friend
I don’t know what you mean by support?
I don’t know what you’re expecting your friends to do for you?
But even if you had a lot of friends they won’t favor you in anyway besides keeping you company.
I have a small group of friends that I talk to and they don’t really do anything for me either lol

Because there’s nothing they can do for me and I’m not expecting them to serve me in anyway. And that goes the same for them

Because in the end you have to help yourself with things
Everyone has issues that they deal with, and to help others with there issues is exhausting.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot like this because in the long run you’ll continue to suffer and effect more people around you

Best of luck

You are wanted there a people here that wanna talk and here from you like you I went a while without using this community but since I started using it again i have felt better much love and good vibes