I have no future

So my GCE A levels results are extremely bad and I feel so bad. I have spent2 years working hard, and my grades were so so bad. My friends who were literally gaming and not studying instead did better than me. I’m at a loss. I feel like im so stupid!! I live in a country with a great emphasis on grades. Without good grades, no decent university will accept me. I no longer have a future where I can get a good job, because I can’t even get into a university…. I really feel like killing mysef because there isn’t a point in living if i can’t get a good job or at least provide for myself and my parents. My parents keep saying not to worry but i feel like they don’r understand me at all. I feel so shit knowing that i’ll be unable to repay their kindness once i’m done with college… And i feel horrible because even though i tried my hardest it was still so pathetic. Maybe i should really end it all right here


hi there,

My parents keep saying not to worry
Sounds like they understand some of the stress you’re feeling.

We also have A levels here, and I want to tell you with certainty that there are LOADS of things you can still pursue and have a great life doing. You are looking at this one point in your life and seeing things 10, 20 years down the line.

YOU are the thing that has value, YOU’RE worth living. Not doing great at A levels is HARD, I really get that. But there are soooo many options. Doing over one or two subjects , doing other courses, other types of jobs and activities.
Grades are truly truly not the most important thing in life. You say you want to repay your parents’ kindness? Give them a big hug, sit with them for a meal and share funny stories. So often, parents want to know their kid is doing okay.

Here we have all sort of post-sec school qualifications you can do to be certified in a range of stuff, and those things pay well once you got the skills. There is a whole wide world out there friend, a world that you truly don’t ever see while you’re focus on the Maths and English of A levels.

I truly think you’re at an exciting point in your life, the “what else?” part, where you can now investigate the world and see what you’d like to do! And trust me, your parents rather you stay at home for a few weeks or months and feel mentally stronger and happier than do something to yourself. They have told you not to worry. They literally are accepting you and your grades. Trust them , trust their love. It’s hard right now because this was the focus for so long, but there is so much more life you’ll be able to explore now, and to find your passions and talents. I’m excited to see what you do and how much fun you have with it!
Stay strong friend, you are loved :slight_smile:

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Can I ask you where do you live? I mean which country ? I’m so sorry if I’m bothering you really I don’t mean to do that and you have all rights not to answer me

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Hey, thank you for reaching out. I’m glad you’re here. Gosh grades and testing is honestly the worst. Watching your friends breeze through things while you struggle is something I can relate to. School always was difficult, I fought for every C I got. I let self doubt control me, feeling like I’d never be enough or make something of yourself. I challenge you to maybe see your parents perspective that they see something in you that you don’t, the potential to still be successful in life even though your testing scores aren’t where you want them to be. Honestly I graduated high school and didn’t go to college until I was 25. My testing then didn’t matter to get in. Don’t lose hope friend, your self worth doesn’t live within your test scores, it’s within you. I hope this doesn’t come off as minimizing how you feel, I bawled when my friends got accepted into college and I could barely graduate high school. I’m just trying to show you that there is hope for a bright future and not to give up!

We love you! Please keep reaching out!

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