I Have No Motivation at All

So basically, I’m failing three classes, I have no idea what I want for the future, I don’t want to get up in the morning, and my parents are starting to hate me. I’m failing three classes because I don’t have enough energy or willpower to do my work. That sounds like an excuse but I physically and mentally cannot bring myself to do anything important. Everyone already knows what job they want, what college they want to go to, where they want to be in ten years and I know nothing. I feel like I’ll be dead within ten years because my life doesn’t matter to me. My parents hate me because they can’t understand that I feel like I can’t do anything at all and they just yell at me instead of trying to help. They have told me that I will never be as successful as my brother and if I don’t do what they tell me I won’t get into college at all. I really want to pursue a career in music but I don’t want to tell anyone in case they laugh at me. I can barely wake up every morning because I don’t look forward to anything anymore and every day seems like the same cycle on repeat every day that I can’t handle anymore. I just need someone to help me get through this and I feel like I can’t do anything with my life.

Hi friend, you are not alone.
Its okay to not have everything figured out. I’m currently in college and i really don’t know what my life is gonna look like after! It’s a scary feeling but I trust that God will show me the way He wants me to go.
Life isn’t a race. We are all on different journeys. Just because we see that some people are doing more than us doesn’t mean that we are less than or that we suck or that we’ll never be good enough. You’ll find your way.
When i feel unmotivated, i ask God to give me that motivation and he does. (With a little bit of caffeine on the side). It’s understandable, sometimes we get so caught up in the motions of our everyday life. But the best advice i can give you is find what brings you joy. If that’s music or whatever, pursue that. I feel that when we pursue our passion, we find start to find what we’re supposed to do. My friend pursuing a career in music is awesome! If people laugh at you that’s their problem, not yours! (THis is coming from a fellow music major), honestly, i find it very rewarding, especially since it’s sometime i really enjoy.
I’ve found that God’s helped me a lot with this. I’ve been there friend, i know how you feel. But God’s really helped me get through it all. It didn’t feel good all the time, but each and every day, He comes through. Even when i don’t always notice, but He has for me and He will for you too.
Keep going! It will be worth it. <3

Man, the struggle…to feel like nothing’s going right in your life, so you get your face shoved into the mud, and then they ask you why you haven’t cleaned up? To feel like your life hits the bottom, and then someone else shoves you through that floor to a new low. To feel like there’s nothing you can do to ever climb your way back out of this hole and like your own family is standing at the top laughing at you as you try…it feels hopeless…it feels like no matter what effort you do, there’s someone there to cut you down so it won’t matter…and so you feel like – what’s the point man??? You said:

I just need someone to help me get through this

And I believe you – I believe that you just need ONE PERSON …SOMEONE, anyone! To believe in you. To love you unconditionally and support you no matter what results you get…to just encourage you so you can learn to climb up and out of this hole…to help you build momentum as opposed to always cutting you down as soon as you start get going…

Man, I feel that. I’m so sorry you’re in this place where you feel like it’s you against the world, you against the people that should be FOR you…to feel alone, like you’ve got to figure it all out by yourself…or that you’d rather be by yourself because the people you’re with won’t help you. Man, just sucks. I’m really sorry you’re facing all of that, bro.

You’re definitely not alone. I grew up feeling similarly and like nothing I ever did was going to be good enough. It was different because I didn’t have anyone necessarily cutting me down, but it felt like the walls of the well I was trying to climb out of always got taller…I got towards the top, and then someone would build it higher…rinse and repeat…I got exhausted of climbing, but knew if I let myself drop, I’d never get back, so I felt trapped in this place of producing but feeling worthless…

Eventually, God helped me out of that well. It’s cool if you’re not into that, it’s just what happened in my story. When I turned 16, I had a friend invite me to church and I started going because there were cute girls at the group. One of the days I went, I had this experience where I felt God’s love, and it felt like he reached his hand into that well in my heart and pulled me out…and I feel like ever since then he’s been helping love me through and in spite of it all…all my failures and shortcomings…it’s been pretty mind-blowing. I’m learning to accept what I’ve done, the good and the bad, and learning to love who I am. I feel supported and like I’m not stuck, and I don’t ever feel that same type of emptiness or hollowness in my life or my heart or my soul…I feel like there’s hope for you too man. Life doesn’t always have to be THIS way, THIS feeling, THIS painful…I know it feels like you might be stuck there forever, but I don’t believe you will. I believe better’s coming and that Good is on its way. In fact, I pray it will. I pray you’d be rescued, you’d be encouraged , and you’d have that support you desperately want would show up in the most epic way.

Love you dude. Proud of you. Things are going to be okay. You’re definitely not alone.


You’re not alone. Most of us don’t know right away what we want to do with our lives. That’s why it’s important to explore so you can find something you genuinely care about. It sounds like you’re really passionate about music. I understand being scared to tell anyone because you worry about them laughing at you. However, don’t allow that fear to keep you from trying. If music is what you really want to do, then go for it. Have a conversation with your parents about it. Comparing you to your brother honestly is not helpful. You are two different people so you have different ideas and different goals. I understand feeling that lack of motivation, but if you have something that makes you happy like music then keep going. You can do this and you’re stronger than you think. <3


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