I have no one

I have no one and I recently lost a good friend due to my mental health issues and traumatic experiences. Life seems dull, lonely, and I feel lost and incomplete. He won’t speak to me and has moved on and I’m here, alone, with no one

First of all it is not your fault he left. He should’ve stayed for you and helped. I do understand what you are going through tho, i have had a couple friends who got scared off by my mental illnesses even my bf of 1 1/2 years. Do you have any other friends who you could talk to or family?
Im always here too if you have anything else to say :slight_smile:

How were they scared off by you? & no, no one

It was too much for them to handle, or i was anyways, they said i always think about myself and that was one of my problems, that i make it worse for myself. Which obviously made me feel like shit but anyways Do you live on your own? If you do or dont either way you should focus on your self and find things that help make u feel better whether its writing listening to music drawing or anything you can think of. This is about you and you need to value yourself and help your self as much as you can. there are ways you can help yourself, in which others can’t.

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Thank you. I have began to self develop and self reflect, but sometimes I’m caught in my thoughts like is this real life? I don’t feel good, I want to avoid people at all times. I really can’t explain it. My happiness is gone. It will take a while to repair

I can understand avoiding people but at some point you are going to have to face them. Yes this is real life but it shouldn’t be yk like no one should have to go through this much pain, but i know that you will be able to handle what is thrown at you i mean look your still here and your trying to find help which is really good and makes you an even stronger person, and it will take time to get better but this is a start

Thank you Sandia. It will take time for sure

Yes of course if you need anything else im always here i don’t mind helping people cuz i love to for some reason. but yes your welcome