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I have panic attacks and anxiety attack everyday, no fun at all

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Oh my friend, that is absolutely no fun at all. I’m so sorry that you are dealing with anxiety and panic on a daily basis. That feeling of I’m in danger but I don’t know why, and you can’t always stop it or prevent it. It can be exhausting and really mess with the day. I hope you are able to get help for this from your doctor or a therapist. You deserve to have days without having an attack. You are worth it.

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Panic attacks are the worst. I’m so very sorry that this has been part of your daily life. No one deserves to go through such an exhausting experience – both emotionally and physically. And having to face it over and over feels discouraging. Do you have any support in your life regarding this? Loved ones you can rely on, a listening doctor or even a therapist how helps you take safe steps to deal with this anxiety? For what it’s worth from a stranger like me, I’m sending you plenty of virtual hugs right now, and hope that you can find moments to breathe, to feel at peace today. You matter so very much.