I Have Peace

Having internal peace has been very beneficial to me and my mind because I didn’t have it for many years before and after my trauma and abuse. Even though I had recent panic attacks last month it was because of the pressure of the anxiety and the depression was too much for my body and my mind told me I need to let it go and have peace and forgive myself and forgive my enemies. Because I was only hurting myself and not them they are going on with their lives while I am miserable it wasn’t beneficial to me in anyway and I thank god I realized it. I am on the road to recovery and looking after myself and my health and my body and my mind.


Hey friend @ranma1983, I’m happy to have been able to read about a lot of your successes recently and share in them with you. I’m sorry for everything that has put you on the path to seek recovery, but I think it’s by the grace of God now that you are feeling peaceful and optimistic for the future. Forgiveness is not easy, it is incredibly difficult but also incredibly freeing.

Not every day will be perfect, some days far from it, but I think recognizing that and being able to keep moving forward will get you and all of us where we want to be.

Keep posting on the support wall! You’re loved friend, your journey is just beginning! Hold fast.



You are heading to the right direction. You will see God’s promises. Thank you for sharing. Keep pressing on, my brother.

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Heck yeah, praise God! So excited for you! <3