I have serious anxiety issues clonazepam and this

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I have serious anxiety issues (Clonazepam) and this type music helps me a lot. Especially in the car with the bass drums thumping. Gotten me through some tough times.

The mental health system here is terrible, I get anxiety worrying if I’m going to get my next prescription, they’ll only give a month supply at a time and more often than not I have to go through days without because it’s not in stock or for some crazy reason my pee test failed. Had to sign a contract with the physician and can only get it at one specific pharmacy.

I’m almost at the of stopping taking, that never turns out well.

This post really gets me fired up because of how bad the health care system is. I am so sorry you have to struggle through it - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - I have serious anxiety issues clonazepam and this - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 8 July 2024 | Loom