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I haven't slept the past two nights

Haven’t had the best past two weeks. Had suicidal urges every day.

I just want to give up. Living isn’t worth much to me at this point.

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Hey Megadave,

I really hope you are feeling better. I am avery flawed person with a porn addiction that has crippled me. I am trying to change and be a better person, not merely a victim of my struggles. I have also struggled with sleep for this couple of days. I really, really hope you get some rest soon.

This sometimes helps me:
Think of this.
It is so highly improbable that there would be life in the universe, and it is so highly improbable that you just happen to be one of those life forms. It is super crazy!!! We are the universe gaining knowledge of itself (cheesy and pretentious, but true). So, if you are not happy, try to change your life, cuz, why the hell not. Just why the hell not. If you only have one life, then might as well try to live it the best you can. Like truly imagine your wildest dream! And just for a moment consider the possibility of it. Like truly, without self-judgment or “that can’t be possible” or “thats just not realistic”. Just consider.

And if you fail then, well, it doesn’t really matter.

If this doesn’t help you then, keep your head up, you will find something.

Know that there is someone out there that is rooting for you. I will keep you in my thoughts Megadave, I truly will.

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Hey man, I think some sleep would be great for you. But I would try to clear your head, call some friends and hang out and let them know how you feel. It sucks you feel that way. I too get those thoughts, but I’ve learned not to listen to them. They’re lies. You are worth it and you are stronger than you know.