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I heading towards a dead end

I don’t know anymore what I should do now. No medications or counseling is helping me . I want to feel alive again but i guess it’s not happening anytime soon. I want to feel , cry or be happy but these things look like just folk tales for me now. I am just like a zombie who walks but don’t how and why I am walking,where I am heading, what I am doing. This shit is scary , i guess it has stop now


Even so, just live life one day at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Worry about the here and now. We all are given a gift. Some people are good with words, some are good with designs, some are good at physical feats. Everyone has a gift, a special talent. I believe you will find a way to use yours to help others.


From: ManekiNeko

I’m so sorry that you’re experiencing this heaviness. This immobilising feeling that makes you feel void. I know that everyone has unique experiences and journeys to take, so mine is different from yours, but I’d love for you to keep exploring the options. I just want you to know you’re not alone. You have this community cheering for you and supporting you.


From: twixremix

hi junaid,

thank you for sharing these raw thoughts with your heartsupport community - you know we are always here to lift you up and support you. it’s understandable that you’re scared and overwhelmed by things right now. i hope you can feel the sparks of life again soon, my friend. you do not deserve to feel like this but rather deserve only the best of peace, love, and happiness. there are long chunks of time for me too where i’ve felt like you are feeling. it’s like you’re literally being weighed down to the ground, wanting to just drop and cut the world off due to the exhaustion of living. but i can assure you, as someone who has been in similar shoes and walked a similar (zombie-ish) path, things do get better. sure, we hear that phrase a lot and sometimes it has no weight to it. but i am putting my whole heart into this reply to reach out and say you aren’t alone and you will conquer this. it might take a change in counselors/therapists, a change in meds (usually takes a few tries to find the right combo), the right support system to surround us, and so on, but we eventually find our way out of the darkness and back into the light. while i don’t know where you’ll eventually head on your path, i hope you get to where you symbolically need to be to feel clarity. and if your heartsupport has to shine flashlights along that path (aka you venting here and we listen/support you) then so be it! we’ll get through this, my friend, i believe in you, i value you, and i care for you. so in the meantime, be easy and patient on your heart and mind. hope to hear from you soon.



Hey @Junaid,

Thank you so much for reaching out here and for your renewed trust in this community. I’m so very grateful that you decide to share what’s on your heart, especially while facing such difficult obstacles. There is promise of a better state, of healing, even happiness… but at times it seems so distant, almost impossible to reach. I’m so very sorry that you’ve been hitting multiple crossroads on this journey. It really is all about trying and being patient with our mind and body… but being reminded that not everything is an option to us is definitely painful, if not discouraging.

Please know that you are not alone in this battle. I am myself considering a change of medication right now, but coming to terms with the idea that it might not be working as I expected feels like an entire grief process to go through. I also need to find another therapist. It’s not fair to deal with all of this. It’s not fair to have to face so many hurdles before getting a type of help that could be effective to us personally. Help should be easy to access, a relief that shouldn’t require for us to be so patient.

You are not alone, friend. Many of us are on the same road as you - not saying this to diminishing your struggles at all, just a reminder that we are also walking on that path with you. Healing is possible. In the meantime, we can keep holding each other hands when we encounter a new crossroad. Tonight maybe is a time for you to mourn, be angry - and that is okay. How you feel is valid. But never ever lose faith in you, friend. I believe in you. I’m rooting for you. :hrtlegolove:


From: Rohini_868

Hi Junaid,

It’s always good to see you here. I’m so sorry that things have been so rough lately friend. It can take a while sometimes to get some relief and to find the right combo of meds and doses, and to find the right therapist. We’re here for you, and I’d like you to post as often as you need to, we’re here to listen.

You’re not alone, you have us for the journey. I hope you have a system of self care that you do to be kind to yourself. Do you do any hobbies or how do you pass the time? I’m happy to hear you say that you want to feel more alive, and to feel again. I’m hoping that with the right interventions, and doses, and some work, that you will have that breakthrough. Let us know how it goes, all of it, if you want. We’re here to listen, and you matter, and you’re loved.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Thank you for your post, It is so very hard sometimes to find the right medication that works and it can take a long time and a lot of different tries, I myself tried lots of different ones before I finally found one that worked but I put most of that down to having doctors that firstly didnt care that much and didnt seem to have much knowledge of mental health. I changed doctors and they stripped my meds right back put me on a new antiderpressent and my health started to improve. Now i understand that not everyone is the same and that is just going to happen for us all but I think if you find someone who has a good understanding of you and your mental health and someone who really takes the time to hear you they will be able to find you something that is more likely to work and a therapist that is also more beneficial for you. I dont think you should give up, I think that would be so sad, you deserve better, you deserve happiness and a better life. keep searching for that, I truly believe it is out there and that you will find it. Much Love Lisalovesfeathers x



Hi Junaid, I’m sorry you’re not having much luck with your meds or counseling. I know for me, I’ve tried many differently types of meds and it’s been a struggle finding what works best. So, you’re not alone in this. It’s frustrating. I hope that you can find someone who can help you better. A couple things you can look into for bringing you back into the moment are mindfulness and grounding. They are awesome tools to help you cope when things look unreal to you. I use them all the time. ~Mystrose


Hey Junaid,

I am so sorry that you are experiencing these emotions right now. Going through months of appointments, treatments, counseling, etc, and feeling like you’re not making progress is wrenching. No one deserves to have to go through that.

I see from your past posts, you’ve given encouragement to people who were going through what you’re experiencing now. That progress is possible. So I hope you believe that when it comes from our voices as well. I know the steps toward that progress may be hard, draining, and dark. But we are here to support and encourage you along the way, as much as we can. Be easy on yourself, friend. You are stronger than you think.


From: your pal, Rick

Hi Junaid, thank you for sharing this with us. In such a short message you’ve shared a feeling that resonates with me so strongly. I think many of us who read this will feel a connection to what you’re saying. It means a lot to see it said out loud. You are not alone in these feelings at all.

If you want to share more of how you’re feeling, anything at all, please know that it’s welcome and that we’ll hear it. These feelings, the disconnection and uncertainty about where you’re going, they’re valid and they matter. I hope you know that no matter what you have to say, you’ll have our support and love. <3

I know just a tiny bit about your history. I don’t want to repeat unhelpful platitudes without meaning, but I’d like you to know that I’ve been in a place where doctors weren’t been helping me too. At times it has definitely felt helpless, like I’ve tried it all and that nothing can be changed. Despite that, somehow, eventually I’ve found some things that have worked for me. Over time I’ve cobbled together some techniques and treatments in a way that has made happiness a possibility again. I say all this because deep in my heart I know that there is hope for you too, and I want so much for you to be able to find what you need. Please keep trying. When it’s hard and feels pointless, the thing that makes a difference may be closer than you know.

Every step of the way, we’ll be here for you. <3 If you want to talk more I’ll be happy to listen. We can get through this, friend.


I know this too will pass but the thing it is quite scary . I feel like I am outsider to my own self. Thanks for your support, means a lot

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Appreciated your efforts,thanks.

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Feels good to hear from you guys with such caring and loving words . I have been in and out of mental health issues from last 5-6 years ,this has been a exhausting struggle to keep on going. Nothing matters for me ,no joy or sadness, there is nothing I feel about being alive. I hope this too shall pass we will meet again with a lovely day

You have been always by everyone’s side not just by my side since I have been here, probably you may not have any idea that how much your words mean to us in these times. We are together in this and this too shall pass. lots of love from my side

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I did try many medications and docs , although some things have gotten better but some issues are not going anywhere. I spend most of time in my room, studying, sleeping and praying at times. There’s nothing i like hobbies in my life. I am done with this all . I don’t like to hang out or have any friends and i have also left the relationship i was in, because I didn’t felt it right to be in and the thing was now going against my principles.thanks for the needed support

Thanks for all the love and support :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Have been trying many things but nothing worked so far let’s hope this too will end till then let’s keep going. Thanks

I will meet you at end of this night and i will have a lot of things to share with you guys .i believe this will pass but it’s quite scary at times , till then let’s hold each other’s

Thanks a lot mate, I am kind of a guy who’s a ghost in a real word both physically and emotionally. I don’t use social media or any other thing , i know this place for quite some time now. Whenever I feel too heavy i just come here again and share the things with you guys. I know only people here , who are either in this struggle or have been in this will understand me somehow or relate a bit about my story . otherwise on any other platform this will be looked as an insanity. Thanks and love from my side