I hurt every day

i feel like my body is just breaking all the time and i just cant help but crying at night i need help

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Hey @claradunn, I’m so glad you reached out :heart:

I’m here to listen if you want to tell me what’s going on. And I don’t know if you need to hear this, but just in case, you don’t deserve to feel terrible all the time, and a future without that is entirely possible :slight_smile: We can make things better, I promise

Let me know if you want to talk

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Hi @claradunn,

You’re going through a rough time but despite everything you’ve been so brave to come here. I deeply admire that.

As @Rick said, we would be really glad to know more about you and what’s going on right now. You can allow yourself to talk about anything you want here, it’s a safe place and no one will judge you.

Sometimes you have to rely on other people to think about solutions and that’s absolutely normal. We are here for you and you matter. You deserve to feel better, friend.

Much Love for you. :two_hearts:

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i want to talk plz it feels like i not going to change

I’m glad you’re reaching out @claradunn :heart:

You can definitely change, you’re so much stronger than you know. It might take some time and it won’t always be easy, but the beautiful thing is we can start as soon as you want to.

A really good first step might be to tell us what you’re going through so we know how to help :slight_smile: I’m here to listen if that’s what you’d like to do, let me know!

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thank you plz email me [email protected]