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I just can't take it nomore 😭


For the past few years now, I’ve been dealing with a really bad mouth odor. I’ve gone to Dentist, Doctors, Gastroenterologists, ENT etc and unfortunately they can’t seem to find the cause because supposedly everything seems normal. I have even made homemade remedies to try to cure the odor but it seem like nothing works. There been times where people had made negative comments of me at my last job. Rumors were spread by my co-workers even when customers would go up to the register and purchase something, they would cover their nose when I would greet them, this had made me quit my job because I just couldn’t take it nomore.

For two years now, I’ve been unemployed after I left my job. I’ve applied to numerous of jobs and been to sooo many interviews but unfortunately no one wants to hire me. I’m a very smart young lady with a lot of potential and very dedicated to what I want to accomplish. When I go to these interviews, I go with all my confidence and positive energy ready to get the job and during the whole process, all I see is the HM covering his/her nose or fanning their self with my resume. So once this starts to happen, you already know how I’m starting to feel. I just wanted to get the f*** up out of there and cry.

You dont know how embarrassed I get when someone approaches me and have to cover their nose or make that face expression when they smell a foul odor. The most sad part is that I’m supposedly surrounded by people that loves me and never did someone tell me nicely that they had noticed something weird for a while. Even though, I know no one wants to hurt me but I had prefer someone keeping it real with me instead of finding out through negative comments. There was this girl who I thought was my friend who had invited me out to eat one day right… She had also invited two of her other friends as well. One of the guys had asked me why I would cover my mouth everytime I would talk or laugh. So mind you I was already feeling self conscious. My “supposedly” friend had the nerve to say “well she does that because her breath stinks”. When she said that I was shocked like I literally turned blank, like I had no words. I just got up and left with tears running down my face. This wasn’t the only unpleasant moment I had experienced but this was one of most hurtful of some.

It’s very hard being a young 22 year old having this issue in the type of generation and society we are living in today. I try my best to overcome this situation but it only gets worst. Even when I’m surrounded by my family members all they do is cover their nose and laugh out of the blue when I speak. So it’s like how I expect to feel better when I’m surrounded by people that do these types of things. No one wants to even date me or be around me so I just got used to being alone. I literally have no one I could express myself to or just to even talk.


Hi hun. I had this same problem years ago when one day trying one small thing did the trick. I covered my whole tongues surface in toothpaste and let it sit for as long as possible before brushing as usual. Many people don’t realise the culprit for bad breath is usually the tongue especially far back where it’s always dark, warm and moist (perfect bacteria breeding ground!) so try the toothpaste on tongue for a few days as a deep clean and then as a general rule try to stick with toothbrushes that come with a tongue cleaner on the back (or get one separately).

Let me know how you get on. God bless.


Hey! Thanks for the advice I highly appreciate it. I have tried this method a millions on times. When I brush I always clean my tounge and even further back. I sometime even cut my tounge due to over cleaning it with the tounge cleaner. But I will let the toothpaste sit for a while like you had commented. Hopefully it does the job. Thanks love :pray:


I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with this. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be not getting any answers on how to fix it. You must feel so hurt when so many people are making such negative and rude comments about something you just don’t have control over. You are always welcome here. You are surrounded by a community that sees and values your worth and loves you for you! Stay strong friend!

Hannah Rhodes


Man, that’s so hard :frowning:
I can’t even imagine how painful and frustrating that must be for you.
I may not know how to fix your issue but I want you to know that I read your post and I see you. That you matter and are cared for. And I’m sorry that people don’t have enough respect to be polite, causing you so much embarrassment.
We love you. And we care about how you are feeling.


I hope that in time that there is some kind of solution for you. Socthat you can feel more confident about yourself.

Can you carry a strong pack of gum or some of those listerine strips? Those strips are nice. Mobile mouth wash. Maybe something like this in your pocket will help you?

Lots of love, friend :heart:


Thanks Hannah for taking the time to reading my post. Yes, it is very frustrating not knowing how to solve this problem. Sometimes I get very anxious and just lose my mind. But hopefully I can find the cure soon. Thanks once again for making me feel welcomed. God bless


You are most welcome! Know that I am thinking of you!


Hey it is hard girl! Especially in this type of generation we are in today. I’m trying to be strong and keep my head on my shoulders but it’s difficult trying to be myself when I have people judging me left to right and saying negative comments. But I really appreciate you reading my post and for making me feel welcomed.
Much love to you as well.


Keep being strong and keep your head up. I know it doesn’t always feel like there is light at the end of the darkness we experience. But there is. It’s a hard fight, but it’s possible. People suck and they are judgmental, but there also a lot of people out there who care. I truly hope that it gets better for you.



I’m sorry. A true friend would never say that to you. You don’t deserve it. I don’t have solutions, but I am glad you share your problems here on the forum, and trusted HeartSupport to hear you. Thank you.


Thanks friend for the support. I’m happy to know that there’s people here who cares for one another.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Yes you are correct a true friend doesn’t say things like that but unfortunately she wasn’t a friend after all but I have learned my lesson. Thanks once again for the support.