I just dont understand really dont

So is there follow believer in jesus here. Am having such a hard time. This relationship I am In for while it’s all messed up and she been hurt and l been hurt. Its hurt us together made things hard for us , it’s so ugly w me and her and I have hard time trusting God w rhis part of my life.
I mean for me I go to God w it all , and I pray and its answer then something happens w us. It been long 5 years of this but I love her I really do I have felt her , and see her love me. Idk am strugglin w my own self and I screwed up big time w her , we split and I started dating someone else then she came back for while I was them both but I was shutting to them both I was so confused as to why God is letting happen I chose but I chose wrong. Then me my x gets together now she is hurt like she was b4 and it’s my fault, I know God has plan but am hurting sometimes I dont what to do :frowning:

I don’t know if I would believe in god, but I understand what could be going on. It seems like you were with them both at the same time. I think that may not have been the wisest choice as now it’s hurt everyone. I think that god or the universe, or whatever there is gives you the opportunities you need in order to overcome what you’re going through. This is a chance to take steps in correcting things for you by owning it and if you really love your original girlfriend and she is willing to stay; live everyday to help her realize she can trust you again. I hope it works out.