I just feel so stuck

I feel so stuck, like everything around me is just crashing down and I don’t know what else to do about it. I feel like no matter what I do, it’s never enough. I’ll never be good enough for anyone or at anything. My best friend is sitting here next to me and won’t stop asking me what’s wrong…I keep telling her I don’t know but she continues to ask but the answer is still the same. I don’t know how to explain it without saying something I shouldn’t or something I know I’ll regret…

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Precious Amanda. You are enough simply because of who you are. You are a masterpiece, intricately designed by a Creator who loves you.
Who desires for you to pursue Him so He can show you who you are and reveal His deep love for you. That alone makes you enough. Not achievements or what others think of you. I used to struggle with this same exact thing. I hated myself. But after I pursued my Creator and slowly began to learn who I really was and what defined me, things began to change. The change didn’t come from myself but from the God who created me and cherished me all along. Even when I was struggling. Let me know if you want to talk more. I understand the battle. But it IS possible to get to the other side. Where the truth of who you are awaits. :heart:

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@Amandamarie0627 thank you for sharing this.
For about a month or so now Ive been attending meetings as part of my addiction recovery and with that I have been set up with a sponsor. Yesterday I was speaking to her and she put me in a similar position to this.

When I told her about a situation I was in she kept asking me “why?” She asked me so much I got to the point where I nearly hung up on her. But when she explained it, I finally understood and I hope you will too… Sometimes we convince ourselves we don’t know why we feel or act a certain way and when we are asked what’s going on we tell the story WE believe. However a lot of the time there is something deeper behind it that we don’t truly find until someone is there pestering us to look deeper than we already have. We can insist that we’ve been completely open and honest but when we are forced to keep digging we can find that actually we do have a reason and know what’s happening… Just start by telling her the thoughts going through your head. Like what you’ve written here. Expand on them when she asks questions about it. She wants to help. She cares about you.

I also would like to ask if you’ve looked into HeartSupport a Dwarf Planet book? It will help you to explore your feelings and understand them better. I highly recommend you look into it if you haven’t. You’re loved. You can overcome this.

Hold fast


Hey @Amandamarie0627,

Your friend cares about you so much, and promise me, you’ll feel so, so much better when you get it out (what you’re struggling with). A study was conducted between the results of someone talking to a licensed counselor and someone talking to a best friend, and the results of relief were remarkably similar. I’m proud of you for reaching out to us and we care about you too, but there’s something special in talking with someone in person. Perhaps she can give you advice too! We humans were built for community. :slight_smile:


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I was in a situation very similar to you almost a year ago and feeling almost exactly the same way. I had a lot of those same questions, I didn’t get them answered but what I did discover is that sometimes you need to expect the unexpected and hope for the best to happen.

The best thing I’d say to do if you are feeling that way again is to make a list of every accomplishment you have ever done. It could be anything such as I learned to walk or I learned to drive. Simple stuff. Put that somewhere where you will see it every day. I hated myself for a very long time and in some ways I still do. I tried this and it has helped me drastically.

Hold Fast,
PMacDanceDude (Patrick) Team Out of the Ashes