I just lost a friend and I’m struggling to cope

I’ve never posted here before but I thought I might do so right now because I’m really struggling. A few days ago I found out a friend that I cared very deeply about had killed themselves. I knew they were struggling and I checked on them often. They didn’t really want to talk about anything but they were always appreciative of the thought anyways. They were a very loved individual with lots of people who cared about them deeply, and that showed when the news broke that they were gone. I find myself wanting to reach out to a lot of the friends we had in common but I don’t want to burden them, since I know they’re going through a lot of the same hurt that I’m going through. I’m just really heartbroken and I find myself going back into our old conversations and hoping that they’ll text me, but the message never comes. I don’t know how to cope with this right now and I would love some insight. Thank you to anyone who read this.


Oh my heart. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. What a terrible thing to hear about of any person that you love. It’s so hard knowing what is going on in a persons mind. And always heart breaking when someone feels like that is the only option.

Friend, I’m sorry for the pain and hurt that you are experiencing right now. I encourage you to talk to and be as close as you can with loved ones, family, friends. Don’t be afraid to open your heart right now.

I know that I can’t take away the hurt, but I want to remind you that this place is open to you if you ever just need a safe place to further share your mind and heart as your go through the process of grieving. And know that it is okay to grieve. To take the time you need, to do that in whatever way you need to. The healing process is different for everyone. So just be gentle with yourself right now.

Something that is available is BetterHelp who Heart Support is partnered with. It’s an online counseling service. There is a 7 day free trial that you can take advantage of. You can text the assigned counselor from the app, send voice messages in the web app or schedule a voice chat. So if you just need some time to talk to a professional, this is something you can use.

I’m sending so much love to you and your friends family right now. I pray for healing and comfort for all of you. And that you guys are able to lean on one another during this time of loss. I’m thinking of you. Please know we are here. Seriously.




I am so sorry for your loss, to loose someone you really care about is so really heartbreaking and difficult to move on. Last year I lost my grandma and I even if I didnt see her a lot, I cared about her and even after a year, there are times that it make me sad to know that she isnt with me, but I can 100% that it will get better. I wont say that in some days you will feel better(For my experience, if you feel better in the next days, I will be so glad), it would take some much days and month, until you have complete the grieving process, that I think, it depend of the person.

This situation wont be easy and the situation that we are living right now, is not helping too, but know that you have us here, if you want to talk. Because we want to see you smile again and I know that your friend wanted to see you happy.

Sending so much love for you and for your loved ones!

Take care :heavy_heart_exclamation: