I just wanna quit

I’m on my last.

I’ve sought help, I’ve seen doctors, I take the pills they gave me. But nothing works. I’m swinging down into the depths… and then shit goes sideways.
I break my foot, I needed to be whole for work especially right now with how busy it is, but instead I’m out of work. Awesome! Same day I get a call from my wife who tells me an expensive and necessary home appliance has died, cool, I’m broke and broken, and now things at home are breaking too. Oh, then I get another call, my insurance denied the MRI for my break, guess we will just hope it all heals, right? Oh and that doctor you saw, he was out of network. So yeah, fuck you Cigna! I guess I needed a quick vent, things are pretty much fucked, so fucked that I’m about to under go shock treatment. Might as well, best thing they could do for me is scramble my brains and hopefully make me an unthinking vegetable.

Hey, I hear you. That sounds like a lot for a person to handle. First, I would like to say thank you on behalf of your family and workmates. Thank you for trying your best for them. Thank you for taking care of your wife. Thank you for working. Thank you for being a good person. Thank you for all your hard work. Take these things on one at a time. Sit down and make a plan on how to handle each situation in many different ways, and choose the best option even if it isn’t the easiest. My dad has had these problems too. He doesn’t handle it in a very healthy way which is taking it’s toll now. It doesn’t only hurt him. It hurts us too. You have to really want things to change for it to happen. Talk to someone and be honest. 100% honest. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. I would like you to watch a film called Call To Courage. I feel it would help. Take a step back and breathe. Once again, thank you. You can do this. Believe you can. If you think you cannot, then you’ve already set yourself up for failure.

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Hey friend,
Sorry to hear about all that, it seems like all these problems wouldn’t be such a big deal on their own. But of course, the world just HAS to lay it on us all at once. And while that’s not fair, the way you view the situation makes a world of difference. You have the ability to take care of it, and you are not alone. Take each day slowly and solve each issue one at a time. This season of life will NOT break you, it will make you stronger.

Hang in there

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