I just want to die now

I cant handle it anymore. I have a neurological condition and am in so much pain. I lost all my “friends” after I got hurt and My family just makes it worse. They truly don’t care about me. When I told them I was going to kill myself they called me names and then disappeared for over 24 hours. I spent the last 10 years fighting mycondition and I finally started doing better, but now my sister and her kids moved in. They’ve been here a week,in that time I haven’t been able to sleep or eat. They scream and yell all the time. My pain gets so bad I cant sleep and I can’t go downstairs to get food and nobody cares. They all act like I’m just being a baby. Shouldn’t surprise me since nobody believed how much pain I was in after my accident for years. But now I’ve lost 10 years of work and I dont have the energy to fight the pain again. I cant get an apartment without a job and cant get a job without references so I’m stuck. I just want this life to be over.

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Your life has meaning. This community loves you. Even though we don’t know you well. You have a fighting spirit. This post shows you want love and need love. You came to the right place. I encourage you to join HeartSupport’s Twitch stream and Discord to be a part of the community. We will be waiting for you. Don’t go to the dark path of suicide. It is not worth it. I’m sorry you are not in a good season right now. It will end. Just keep pressing on. I hope you are doing okay. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.