I just want to die

So throughout my life i started getting depressed over my parents,grades, abuse, bullying, and heartbreaks. And now I just lost my gf by her cheating on me when i thought things would be better like everyone says but no it doesnt get fucking better it never does, i just want to blow my brains out so i wont feel anymore pain and suffering, im tired of getting my heart broken and destroyed by all the people i used to have, Im also tired of people who always leave me since im such a fuck up and i never do anything right, I think i should just die once and for all. Life never gets better I give up

I’m sorry that you’re feeling this way Raven. I know you’ve been struggling for a while now. I urge you to reach out to anyone you can around you. I also recommend your look into getting a copy of Dwarf Planet and definitely ReWrite. ReWrite has really helped me with my cutting. You’re still young and people are still growing up. You’re going through a really stressful stage. You can do this. We know you can.



First you are not better off dead. You have so many that care about you and love you we support you and we see you has a person deserving of love. I know it is tough right now but that does not mean death is the answer. In all honesty I will tell you it is not. I truly mean it that is not the way to better anything it is just a fast escape and I personally will admit that for most of my life I thought it was my only escape and it is not. So please hold fast and know we are here. WE WILL NOT LEAVE. We will be real with you we will help you see your life as valued.

Hold fast



I am sorry that you have to fight this battle- but know you are not and will never ben alone in this fight.

There are resources that have been given to you that you must take into use. There is Coco’s website posted in the HS Discord, and there are hotlines that have been given to you.

You are loved, and cared about.

You have to fight like hell through this battle, but we all are here for encouragement and love and support.

Hold fast

With love,
Lyss (your old pal Blurryface)


Raven, Im so sorry you re feeling this way but things do get better you are just in a rough spot right now and it will pass. You are not a fuck up, Im sure there is a ton of things you can do and that you are good at. The world is a better place with you in it and I hope one day you see that. Keep reaching out and talking. You just have to find the right group of people that will stick around and be good in your life. It took me 25 years to do this and for me life has gotten better and it will for you to.




Thank you so, so much for sharing this.
Everything must hurt like hell right now. No one can feel the exact pain that you are feeling right now. But please know that by you posting this, reaching out, sharing your struggle you are fighting. You are not giving up. You are a hero.
Please keep sharing. We will always be here to listen. We will ride this out with you.

Be gentle with yourself.

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I know what it’s like to want to die. I hope you make it through the feeling. Keep being strong and facing what you face. I know the feeling of things never getting better. I know it far too well. Sometimes it seems that one thing happens after another and all you can see it how desperately painful and frightening life can be but know that there is also beauty and love and freedom in life. Your body is probably in a constant fight or flight mode from everything you’ve lived through. You are so brave and strong to have faced all these things and still survive. Keep surviving, friend, and not only survive, live! You’re going to live and grow stronger everyday. I hope you can see what a wonderful gift you are to this world. We all make mistakes and only a few people can be loving enough to forgive you of yours, but I want you to learn to love yourself. Remember the real you, not the scared or hurting you, that’s not the real Raven. Stay strong, friend!

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Dear RaveN,

My heart goes out to you. I know these feelings all too well. To think it really won’t get better is a terrifying feeling. But friend, it gets better. Heartbreak, sadness - these things heal with time. People come and go in our lives and it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong. You dying wouldn’t solve any of these issues. We need you here and so do people in your life. You are so much more loved than you believe.
We all love you and are rooting for you. We are here. Stay strong.

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Hey @RaveN,

Let me give you some inspiration from personal experience. I’m 26 years old and I’ve had my fair share of extremely dark seasons in life. Within those dark seasons, I convinced myself that it will not get better. However, I’ve never been so wrong before in my entire life. Over time, I can promise you that it will get better. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will. When all hell breaks loose and you can’t see light, know that just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it could be lurking right around the corner. A lot can happen in a year, and taking away your own life will eliminate the likelihood of you experiencing the joy and pride of #1) making it out of the dark season and #2) now being able to help other people who are stuck in a dark season in which you’ve won! We believe in you. You can do this. You’re strong.


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