I Just Want to Give Up

I am in such financial strain I know I will never get out of this hole. I fucked up the one job I had wanted since I was in school. Now I’m starting a job I should have never taken and I hate it. I’m miserable and pulling away from everyone.

I’m just sick of everything going wrong

Hey there,

I can empathize with how you are feeling when it comes to being in a tough spots with jobs. Right now might not seem like you are in the best spot, but keep pushing through and use the motivation of not wanting to be at your current job to get your old job back or another job that makes you happy.

Hope this helps,

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Hey just thought I’d let you know things actually worked out. I didn’t mess up my preferred job as I had thought. I took a chance and ended up not taking the new job and the next day I got contacted for work with my chosen job

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