I just want to sleep

God this sucks I haven’t been able to sleep right for 4 days now from my brother falling asleep with music reaction videos on and it blaring some hip hop song at 2 am to this freaking heat wave and now having went to bed at 9 and spent a hour trying to sleep only to sleep a hour but it felt like a fucking eternity God I hate this shit it sucks I just want to sleep I haven’t been able to get anything done cuz I’m too fucking tired


Hey, thank you for sharing this. You’re right, when we don’t get enough quality sleep everything else gets harder. The things you’ve mentioned would definitely keep me up too. Sleeping while it’s hot just sucks and sleeping with loud noise going on right near you is a huge pain too. I get why you’re frustrated, I think that’s fair. I would be too.

When it’s at the point where you’re unable to sleep because your brother’s being too loud, something’s got to change. Have you spoken to him about it? He can turn it off, turn it down, put in headphones, watch his things in another room, there is a lot he could do to make this less unbearable. If he’s not willing to listen, would you be willing to go to your parents? You’re not being unreasonable, you just want to sleep. I’d be mad about that if it were happening to me.

The feeling I’m getting from this post is that you were pretty upset and you wanted to vent and I think that’s fair. Your frustration won’t fade on its own, I think you should definitely bring this up so then it’ll be out there. It’s a reasonable accommodation that you’re asking for here. If you want to talk more we’ll be here. I hope you’ve been getting some better sleep these past couple of days. :heart:


How do your parents sleep through it? I’m guessing he’s not blasting them awake, so would it help to sleep when they do? I’ve used a few methods that’ve helped. One of the first was to use one of those cheap box fans. The steady noise from it may not fully mask other sounds, but the steady woosh from it usually mesmerizes the brain into sleep mode. There are also “white noise” machines, but you can accomplish about the same thing with an FM radio, with the noise it makes between stations. Right now, I have an MP3 player repeating the sounds of surf and rain. I have it running 24/7. I need something making sound, not only because it diminishes awareness of outside sounds, but also because I have a pretty bad case of tinnitus.

Another thought is noise cancelling headphones, or much cheaper, foam ear plugs.

Don’t go so long without sleep! It really messes with the mind if you do. Are there relatives or friends who’d let you nap at their place?


I just live with my brother he sleeps in the living room and I sleep in my room which Is right next to the living room


Hey @Derpplup,

Have you got the opportunity to catch up on some sleep since you opened this topic? 4 days without sleeping or without any good quality sleep is so, so draining. I’m so very sorry that your brother doesn’t seem to take more in consideration the fact that his music affects your sleep at night. Have you got the opportunity to talk about it with him and suggest ways to listen to his music more privately? I know sometimes the way relationships are don’t make this kind of conversation peaceful, although I hope you can both find some agreement. Your well-being is so important, and sleep is such a foundation for it. My heart goes out to you. :hrtlegolove:

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Not exactly I been having tons of issues sleeping lately either sleeping tons of hours during the day or get one hour max


I’m so sorry. I can imagine how this gets even worse with the different heat waves that we got lately. I hope with all my heart that your body will allow you to rest as soon as possible, and as much as needed. :hrtlegolove:

Is there anything that helps for your sleep issues? From medications to simple routines, there might be ways to improve your sleep even just a little bit.

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Not really like I could take a Xanax but that’s less going to sleep and more getting knocked out I have really bad insomnia I’ve been on loads of sleep meds and melatonin I’ve overdosed on melatonin and still not slept that’s how bad my insomnia can get at times

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I’m sorry to hear about your sleep troubles.

Melatonin doesn’t help me either. Benadryl helps me if I take it regularly, although since having a baby my body knows to take sleep when I can get it and I typically don’t need it anymore… that being said, when my insomnia was at its worst is 2017 after I had a miscarriage, my doctor gave me Hydroxyzine 25 MG for sleep and it was prescribed to me years later for panic attacks as well.

I would suggest maybe asking your doctor about it, it definitely helps me sleep and it kicks in pretty quickly. It can make you sleep for a while though depending on the dosage so you’ll want to make sure you don’t take it before an important event, before driving, etc.

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I have been on hydroxyzine and it worked for about a year and I had reached the dosage max

I see. If this is the case, as well as with Melatonin, it sounds like your sleep problems are almost purely environmental and no medicine will be able to help until you relieve some stressors. At least thats how it was for me at times. I know this doesn’t help, I’m sorry I don’t have any other suggestions beyond what I’ve suggested here and in other posts.